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About Legal Metrology

METROLOGY is the Science of Measurement. It includes theoretical & practical problems, the realization of the units of measurement and their physical representation as well as measuring instruments & their field of application.

LEGAL METROLOGY is the name given to all applied metrology subjected to regulations by law or government decree.

The extent of legal metrology varies from one country to another. In most countries legal metrology covers measurements in the protection of the individual from financial, health & environmental point of view.

As measurements are also used for the control of the quality of products and services there is usually a trend to enlarge the scope of legal metrology especially in countries where quality is subject to government control.

In almost every country a national metrology service ensures the technical application of legal metrology and constitutes an essential element in the economy of the country. 

In accordance with the recommendation of two international bodies namely,

a)      The General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), the body which   takes policy decisions on metrological standards,

b)      The International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), the body which regulates metrological standards,

of which India is a member, the Central Govt. enacted 2 Acts & 7 Rules for implementation of modern system of weights and measures so as to ensure countrywide uniformity not in enforcement procedure but also in the scope and coverage of legal control on weights and measures. 

In order to implement various aspects of legal metrology, the Central Govt. enacted the following Acts and Rules, -

1)      The Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976

2)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977

3)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Indian Institute of Legal Metrology) Rules, 1980

4)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985

5)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (General) Rules, 1987

6)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Approval of Models) Rules, 1987

7)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Interstate Verification and Stamping) Rules, 1987

8)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (Numeration) Rules, 1987

9)      The Standards of Weights and Measures (National Standards) Rules, 1988

Government of West Bengal enacted the West Bengal Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 1990. 

The West Bengal Legal Metrology Organisation was set up in1959 under the administrative control of commerce & Industries Deptt. of Govt. of West Bengal. It was brought under the Consumer Affairs Department in June 2000. The Legal Metrology Organisation has been upgraded to a full-fledged Directorate. This organization works in close collaboration with Govt. of India.

The main functions of the state Legal Metrology Directorate (LMD) are-

a)      to provide better protection to consumers and also to constitute an essential element in the economy by ensuring metrological accuracy in commercial transactions, industrial measurements and measurements needed for ensuring public and human safety.

b)      Maintenance of standards in relation to weights and measures as prescribed by the  Central Govt. in accordance with the recommendations made by the OIML –through verification & reverification work.

c)      To enforce the various provisions of weights and measures laws,

d)      To earn non-tax Govt. revenue in the form of fees for verification, compounding etc.,

e)      Regulation of manufacture, repair & sale of weights and measures,

f)       Regulation of packaged commodities sold or distributed,

g)      Regulation of commodities sold by heaps,

h)      Regulation of commodities sold weight, measure or number,

i)        Regulation of services rendered by weight, measure or number.      


Organizational Structure

The state of West Bengal has been divided into 20 districts and 107 units. Each district is headed by one Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology (ACLM) and each unit at the sub-divisional level by one Inspector of Legal Metrology (ILM).In Birbhum district the Legal Metrology Directorate consists of 1 ACLM, 3 ILMs (each for one sub-division), 1LDC, 1Typist & 7 Gr. D employees.


Verification & Stamping of Weights & Measures

Some useful information in relation to verification and stamping of weights and measures: -

  • Every person (person includes – every department or office, every organization established or constituted by Government, every local authority within the territory of India, every co-operative society, every other society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860) using any weight or measure in any transaction or for industrial production or for protection shall present such weight or measure for verification or reverification at the office of the Inspector of Legal Metrology (ILM) or at such other places as the inspector may specify in this behalf on or before the date on which the verification falls due.        

                    Provided that where any weight or measure is such that it cannot or should not be removed from its location (e.g. weighbridge, petrol pump etc.), the person using such weight or measure shall report to the ILM at least thirty days in advance the date on which the verification falls due.

  • Where a weight or measure is brought to the ILM for verification/reverification, he may verify the same after realization of the prescribed fee.
  • At the time of presentation of weight or measure for verification/reverification the weight or measure shall be in clean condition and if necessary, the ILM shall require the owner or user to make necessary arrangements for the purpose.
  • For verification/reverification of weight or measure, which cannot or should not be move from its location (e.g. weighbridge, petrol pumps etc.), the user shall provide such facilities as may be required by the ILM.
  • Fees payable for verification and stamping shall be as specified in Rule 17 of the W.B.S.W.M. (E) Rules, 1990.
  • The Inspector shall stamp every weight or measure, if after verification/reverification, he is satisfied that such weight or measure conforms to the standards established by or under the S.W.M. Act, 1976, provided that if by reason of the size or nature of any weight or measure it is not practicable to put a stamp thereon, Inspector shall take such action as may be specified by the Controller, by a general or a special order in writing.

           Stamping mark on a weight or measure consists of –

a)      year mark (last two digit of the year, e.g. ‘05’ for 2005),

b)      mark of the quarter of stamping (e.g. ‘A’ for first quarter ),

c)      number mark (indicating the number allotted for administrative purposes to the Inspector by whom it is stamped ). 

  • On completion of verification and stamping the Inspector shall issue a certificate of verification in the prescribed form.
  • Periodical interval for verification of weight or measure shall be as specified in rule 14 of the W.B.S.W.M.(E) Rules, 1990.
  • No periodical re-verification shall be necessary in relation to any weight or measure, which is exclusively for domestic purposes.
  • Weight or measure –

a)      used in any factory exclusively engaged in the manufacture of any arms or ammunition, or both, for the use of the Armed Forces of the Union,

b)      used for scientific investigation or for research,

c)      manufactured  exclusively for export,

- are exempted from verification and stamping.  

Some useful information in relation to regulation of manufacture, repair and sale of weights and measure:

 ·        No person shall make, manufacture, repair, sell, or offer, expose or possess for repair or sale, any weight or 
          measure unless he holds a valid license issued by the Controller of Legal Metrology.

·   Every person who intends to commence business as a manufacturer, repairer of or dealer in weight or measure is required to make an application in prescribed form.

·    Every license issued to manufacturer, repairer or dealer shall be valid for one calendar year and may be renewed from year to year by the Controller or such other officer as may be authorized by him in this behalf.

·         Every manufacturer, or repairer of or dealer in weight or measure shall make an application for renewal of license thirty days before the expiry of validity of the license to the Controller or such other authorized officer, in the prescribed forms.

·        Fees for license shall be as specified in rule 12 of the W.B.S.W.M.(E) Rules, 1990.


·        A person who bona-fide repairs any weight or measure owned and possessed by him shall not be required to take out a license.

·        Prohibition of sale of any weight or measure without a valid license shall not be apply to the sale by a user (who is not a manufacturer, repairer or dealer) of any weight or measure:

              Provided that no sale of any weight or measure of the prescribed description shall be made except with the 
              written permission of the Controller.   



In the financial year 2004-2005 the Legal Metrology Directorate had realized revenue of Rs. 15,20,571/- covering 15,502 traders (in Birbhum District) against Rs. 12,69708/- and13348 traders during the last financial year (2003-2004).
The results points to - 

  • An increase of 19.76% revenue
  • An increase of 16.89%
  • And ranked 2nd in the district wise performance report.

In 2004-2005, 116 seizures were made in this district and Rs. 1,17,430/- was collected as compounding fees.



Contact Details

Controller of Legal Metrology, W.B., 
45, Ganesh Chandra Avennue, 
Ph.-(033) 22364258.

Consumer Affairs Department, 
Government of West Bengal,
11A, Mirza Galib Street, Kolkata- 700087. E-mail:

Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Birbhum
Office of the Assistant Controller of Legal           Metrology , Birbhum. 
Chandnipara , Suri, Birbhum.

FAX : 03462-255559 (O/O  President, District Consumer Redressal Forum, Birbhum)

TELEPHONE  03462-250009. (O/O Asst Director , CA&F BP, Birbhum)

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