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  Co-operative Movement in India began in 1904 with the passing of Co-operative Credit Societies Act. Keeping with the pace in the National level, the Movement in Birbhum District also started in the year with the organization of Co-operative Societies. Before passing of Cooperative Credit Societies act- 1904 some cooperative societies were organised in the then Bengal and Birbhum was not lagging behind in this respect. One credit society at Fatepur ,Mollarpur(1903) and another at Kusmore, Murarai(1902) was organised and started business. Mollarpur Credit Society started business by raising deposit from 25 person @ interest 4% and extended credit to 10 farmers @9% interest and being satisfied an American kept deposit of Rs.-450.00 in the said society.

  At present there are 1324 no’s of different types of working Co-operative Societies in the Birbhum District and they have been helping farmers by catering need of credit of farmers, supplying fertiliser, seeds pesticides, agricultural implements, extending storage facility to some extent and marketing facilities etc. ,extending banking facilities in rural areas, promoting SHG, extending consumption loan, housing loan, car loan,in Urban areas and employees of both private and public sectors, undertaking different government works and thereby creating job opportunities of labourers, unemployed youths etc.



Types of Registered Co-operative Societies


1) District Central Co-operative Bank (DCCB)


2) Primary Co-operative Agricultural & Rural Development Bank(ARDB) 


3(a) Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society( PACS)


3(b) Large Sized Adibasi Multipurpose Society Ltd.(LAMPS)


3 ©Farmers’ Service Cooperative Societies (FSCS)


4) Primary Agricultural Marketing Society (PAMS)  


5) Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society(ECCS)


6) Labour Contract Co-operative Society. 


7) Engineers’ Co-operative Society


8) Mahila Co-operative Credit Society.


9)Urban Co-operative Bank  


10) Primary Consumers’ Co-op. Society.


11) Wholesale Consumers’ Co-op. Society 


12)Weavers’ Co-op. Society   


13) Irrigation Co-op Society.   


14) Service Cooperative Society


15) Gram Panchyet Level Mahila SHG Cooperative Society


16) District cooperative union


17) Others                                                                 :  





Organization Structure

Management of Co-operative Societies

Democratic management is one of the main principles of Cooperative Societies.

General body elect Board of Directors  to represent them and Board of Directors elect office bearers like, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary etc. from amongst them. Now Cooperative Election Commission conducts election of all cooperative societies.  Apart from elected directors there are Panchyet Nominee, Employees representative, Bank Nominee etc. as per provision of West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act-2006 and West Bengal Cooperative Societies Rules-2011 and Bye law of the concerned Cooperative.  General Body is the supreme authority of the all Cooperatives.

Citizen-Centric Activities in Co-operatives   

Sl No.



PACS have been  catering  major part of agricultural credit needs of farmer of Birbhum ,

Extending Banking facilities  to rural people, Extending marketing facilities to some extent to stop distress sale of their produces of farmers,


Extending production-aid services by supplying fertiliser, seed, pesticides, agricultural implements etc at fare price to rural farmers..


Engineers’, Labours’ and service cooperatives are creating job opportunities for unemployed youths by undertaking governments and other works.


Employees Cooperative Credit Societies & Urban Coop. Bank have been catering need of ST/MT/LT  loans, consumption loans, housing loans,  loans for production purpose and other purposes  to employees and urban population


Housing Cooperatives are helping government to realize the dream of house for everyone.


Developmental Activities (As on 31.3.2016)   




Augmentation of storage facilities for fertilizers, seeds and agricultural produce by constructing rural godown.


Empowerment of rural people by financial inclusion through deposit mobilizing PACS.


Expansion of consumerism and protection of their right by consumers’ cooperative societies.


Help seed multiplication, increase cold storage facilities for perishable agricultural produce.


Development of horticulture, pishiculture, milk producers, hatcheries, goateries, weavers, piggeries and other activities through organizing cooperative societies.

Women empowerment through organisation of women SHG cooperatives.


Projects Running




Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yoyana(RKVY):-

1) Construction of 100 MT godown:  1. Bonha SKUSLtd. Murarai-II,2.Paharpur-Amarpur SKUSLtd.(sainthia),Bhagbatipur SKUSLtd.(Nalhati-I),Gossainpur SKUS(Nalhati-I),Kasba SKUS(Bolpur),Bujung SKUSLtd.(Nalhati-I) and Kusumdai SKUS(Rampurhat-II)

(2)Seed multiplication & Grading of Seed:  Koytha SKUSLtd. (Nalhati-I),Sultanpur Ltd.(Nalhati-I) and Langulia SKUS Ltd.(Suri-I)

(3) Mini cold Storage :  Mayureswar Block-II CAMS Ltd(Mayureswar-II)


RIDF(Rural infrastructure development fund)

(1) Modernisation of rice mill: Zonal Cooperative Rice Mill and Multipurpose soc. Ltd.

(2). Construction of 2006 MT storage godown :  Kumira Joy Maa kali SKUS(Nanoor)


Universal membership scheme (UMS)- It is Share subsidy to Small, Marginal Farmers SC/St farmers to enable them to get crop loan facilities from Cooperatives at simple minimum rate of interest. .


Strengthening of share capital base and PAMS : It is given to PAMS to contribute toward working capital of PAMS to enhance business activities


Strengthening of PACS(SOP-2 ) – It is assistance to PACS for computerisation of PACS for implementation of Rupay Krishan Credit Card.


Ad-hoc grant to PACS, PAMS and Consumers Cooperatives for enhancement of salary of employees of cooperatives.


Interest Subvention Scheme- It is given to encourage farmers get loan from cooperative and timely repayment.


Risk Fund:  It is given to District Central cooperative Bank, PACS and Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank encourage enhancement of credit to farmers  with a view to satisfy credit need of farmers.


Forms used by Citizen


Registration form-I

Procure from office of District Cooperative Union at Chaitali More,behind Birbhum CARDB Ltd at Suri fill and submit to ARCS,Cooperation Directorate, Birbhum at Dangalpara, Suri through Inspector of Cooperative Societies of concerned Blocks/Circle( Sample attached. Please download )



Procure from office of District Cooperative Union at Chaitali More, behind Birbhum CARDB Ltd at Suri fill and submit to ARCS, Cooperation Directorate, Birbhum at Dangalpara, Suri through Inspector of Cooperative Societies of concerned Blocks/Circle


Guide lines for organisation of different types of cooperative

Procure from Cooperation Directorate, Birbhum Range Office at Dangalpara, Suri, Birbhum Please download the guidelines


Common Performa from financial proposal

Procure from Range office ,fill and submit with requisite document to Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Co-operation Directorate ,Birbhum Range/DRCS


Ad-hoc grant proposal

Procure from Range office ,fill and submit with requisite document to Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Co-operation Directorate ,Birbhum Range/DRCS


Form-VIII for bye-law amendment

Procure from Range office ,fill and submit with requisite document to Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Co-operation Directorate ,Birbhum Range/DRCS May be downloaded from web site

Download Forms

 Success stories

 With the blessings of Great Kavi Guru the district of Birbhum find a prominent place in the history of cooperative movement in West Bengal in particular and India in general. Success stories are many and varied. Here are some examples to mention a few:

1.     1)  Bandh gora Swasthya Samabaya Samity Ltd. Gurudev Rabindrantah Thakur along with some prominent personalities of the time including Late Kshitimohan Sen(Grand father of nobel laureate Amartya Sen ) founded this uniquely conceptualized cooperative society in Bolpur to cater to the health need of the poor people .Doctors with philanthropist ideal use to treat poor patients of the locality at a nominal fees or some time for free. The society has become very popular among people. Bandhgora is only second such society in West Bengal and another one viz Dubrajpur Swsathya Samabaya Samity Ltd. is also in Birbhum.

2  Sultanpur SKUS Ltd. Nalhati-I The co-operative society is a saga of hard work, Cooperation and  dedication of various agencies. The story unfolded in the year 1927 and marching ahead. The society is serving peasants of the area with various activities including:

1.       Agricultural finance through K.C.C

2.       Providing fertilizers and pesticides at nominal rate to peasants

3.       Providing quality seeds to farmers

4.       Pledging of Agricultural produce.

5.       Pawning.

6.       Consumer business.

7.       Provide banking facility to people of the area.

8.       Formation of S.H.G’s and provide finance to them

9.       Tathya mitra Kendra.

10.   Free medical treatment to farmers.

11.   Animal health camp

12.   Farmers training camp.

Major projects undertaken with the help of state and central government are: 

1.       Construction of 2066 MT storage godown (under Rural Infrastructur development fund or RIDF)

2.       100 MT storage godown ((under Rastrya Sama Vikash Yojana or RSVY)

3.       Food processing unit(under Rastriya Krshi Vikash Yojana or RKVY)

4.       Seed multiplication and processing unit(under Rastriya Krshi Vikash Yojana or RKVY)

5.       Store for consumer business (under Rastriya Krshi Vikash Yojana or RKVY).

Society also plans to provide drinking water through semi elevated tanks with pipe line and pump sets. Society also plans to provide pathological clinics and ambulance facilities. They also aim at arranging old age home in future.


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