Our Objective : To collect, coordinate, collate and disseminate credible and timely statistics on different fields covering all sectors of the state economy, keeping pace with the changing technological and economic nets. 

    To maintain close liaison with different departments, organizations and bodies of the central and State Governments in disseminating statistical information on various fields through a number of regular publications.

Activities of the Department   

1) Study of Techno Economical feasibility of new proposed schemes received from the beneficiaries.
2) Survey and preparation of new schemes
3) Installation, commissioning and handing over of new schemes to the beneficiaries.
4) Maintenance and repairing of existing Government owned & operated RLI Schemes.

Periodic Works :


Crop Cutting Experiments (CCE) for 19 major crops in 4 seasons of the year under EARAS Scheme, viz, Bhadui, Winter, Rabi, & Summer for crop yield estimation.


The field work for improvement of crop statistics:-


A sample check on area survey conducted by the primary workers. of DLRS e.g. Amins / R.I along with a check for CCEs  are done parallelly with  N.S.S.O  (G.O.I.).throughout all seasons  every year under the  improvement of Crop Statistics Scheme.


Secondary data in prescribed formats are collected from all municipalities for preparation of municipal statistics as well as estimation of state domestic product every year.


Secondary data on various parameters like climate, education, health, agricultural statistics, land, transport, tourism, revenue collection etc. are collected from various govt. / semi govt. /Non- Govt.organisations / local bodies etc. for publication of district statistical Hand Book, Statistical Abstract, Economic Review every year.


Socio-economic survey on a variety of subjects are conducted in some selected sample mouza and urban areas on a matching sample basis with NSSO (GOI) for various rounds of Surveys of N.S.S.O.(G.O.I) as per schedules & instructions designed by NSSO(GOI).


Annual  Survey of Industries to determine gross value added (GVA) of industries and some other estimates like employment, wages etc. are conducted every year under the collection of statistics act 2008, in some selected factories of the district on a matching sample basis with NSSO(GOI).


Market price of daily use commodities, e.g., different food items, clothings etc. are collected in every fortnight from selected markets. Market prices  of cattle are collected once in a month. Production data are collected from selected factories every month for preparation of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) as per requirement of C.S.O. (G.O.I.)



Non-periodic works :-

Non-periodic surveys are also conducted such as Staff Census, Economic Census, Population  Census & other  different ad-hoc surveys as and when  required by state Government.

Organization Structure

Projects Running :

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Yield estimation of 19 major crops of West Bengal under state scheme & implementation of e-governance project of Agriculture under (SSS) Support for Statistical Strengthening scheme.


Publication of District Statistical Handbook under State scheme.


Development of Business Register under 13th Finance commission.


Survey on old age, widow & Disabilities pension scheme under (SSS) Support for Statistical Strengthening scheme.


Annual survey of Industries, Socio Economic Survey work, IIP, ICS etc.

Success Story:

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Building of physical infrastructure of District statistics office Birbhum in the 2nd floor of District Minority Building.


Implementation of E-governance project for crop survey work.


Installation of LAN & EPBX in District statistics office


Contact Details
Office of the Assistant Director, Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics Suri, Birbhum
District Minority Building, 2nd Floor, Near District Collectorate, Suri: Birbhum
Ph. No. 03462-255488  e-Mail :  ad[dot]birbhum[at]gmail[dot]com / ad_suri[at]rediffmail[dot]com