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From the Desk of the Chairman

                        The Birbhum District Primary School Council had been considering to open a link in the official website of Birbhum District where information regarding the primary schools and the various activities being undertaken by the Council could be informed publicly.  It is a matter of gigantic pride for us that Shri Chandranath Sinha, Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge, Govt. of West Bengal had inaugurated the link.

   We have already placed information about the history of the Council; the information related school and teacher, details of school administration, contact addresses and telephone numbers of officials performed different kind of activities.

   Apart from this, we have also taken steps to enlarge the link with a view to establishing effective communication between the Council and the beneficiaries. Different important orders related to the school administration are being highlighted through updated reports and returns as well as various other relevant pieces of information which can easily be accessed by the public at large.

For the expediency of the general public, we have also put various application forms on the link. Notices, inviting tenders, important office orders etc. are also being uploaded so that the general public can use such forms without taking the hazards to travel to the district headquarters from remote part of the district for procuring the same. I extend my sincere thanks to NIC Birbhum District Unit for their timely support towards launching of this web link.  

We are also planning to include resolutions of all important meetings and other important instructions / Circulars in the link with a view to ensuring greater transparency in the system. Along with this we will also tag some other important government portal for getting more information related to primary education. I hope that the website will be visited by all concerned more frequently. Any suggestion for improvement of website will be most welcome.

 Dr. Raja Ghosh
Birbhum District Primary School Council


Last Modified : 28 July 2016

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