District Registrar of Birbhum

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Historical Glimpses

        Briefly saying, on 01/02/1781 the earliest record of systematic registration started in Presidency region. Mr. Edward Tiretta was first appointed on a salary of one thousand sicca as a registrar of memorials of deed affecting lands. From records, it is found that Sri Chandra Mohan Chatterjee was the Registrar of Calcutta on 07/10/1865. In the post independence period Registrar of Calcutta was A.N.M. Yusuf Ali from 20/08/1947

Brief Description of Activities

Registration of all types Immovable or Movable properties.

Collection of all types Stamp Duty and and Registration Fees as per provision of Registration Act 1908 and Registration Rules 1899 .

Realization of deficit Stamp Duty & Fees through Registration Acts & Rules.

Realization of deficit Stamp Duty, Fees & Fines for violation of Registration Act & Rules.

Organizational Structure










ADSR Dubrajpur ADSR Rampurhat ADSR Mollarpur ADSR Nalhati ADSR Murarai ADSR Bolpur ADSR Nanoor ADSR Labpur

Citizen centric Activities

Registration of all types of Deeds.                                                                                                                                                                      Top

Delivery of such Deeds within a days due to computerization of the offices.

Marriage Registration under Hindu Marriage & Special Marriage Act.

Proper preservation of the list of owners of the plots through the Index Register.

Proper preservation of the copy of all Registered Deeds through filling copy.

Developmental activities

Sending proposal for up-gradation of software of computer system used for registration work for better service of registrant public

Collection of govt. revenue for development work of govt.

Projects Running  

The e-governance project CORD (Computerisation of Registration of Document) version 6.1.6

The e-governance project COSA (Computerisation of Salary Accounts) version 1.2.1

Success Story

Computerization of all activities of all registration offices in the district to provide service with speed to the Registrant Public .

Accuracy and transparency of the offices.

Making available of all forms in the office.

Contact Details

Name of Office

Office Phone. Number

D.I.G. Range XI Not Available
D.R 03462-255416
D.S.R. Not Available
A.D.S.R Suri 03462-259558
A.D.S.R  Dubrajpur 03462-244367                 
A.D.S.R  Bolpur 03463-256932                  
A.D.S.R  Labpur 03463-269026                  
A.D.S.R  Nanoor


A.D.S.R  Rampurhat 03461-258017
A.D.S.R  Nalhati 03465-255775
A.D.S.R  Murarai 03465-252224
A.D.S.R  Mallarpur 03461-263436


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