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           A District Rural Development Agency was initially set up for Birbhum during the year1982 DRDA was merged with the Zilla Parishad from April, 2000. Henceforth it has been functioning as District Rural Development Cell under the Zilla Parishad

Organizational Structure

     DRDC has traditionally been the principal organ at the district level to oversee the implementation of anti-poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development. This agency was created originally to implement the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP). Subsequently the DRDCs were entrusted with number of programmes of both State and Central Government.

Developmental Activities

           The Government of India has launched The National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD). The Mission aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor, enabling them to increase their household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial and public services.

In West Bengal, NRLM has been launched as ANANDADHARA by Hon’ble CM on 17th May, 2012

“To reduce poverty by enabling the poor households to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots institutions of the poor.”

The agenda is to mobilize the rural poor and vulnerable people into self- managed federated institutions and support them for livelihood collectives. In addition, the poor would be facilitated to achieve increased access to their rights, entitlements and public services, diversified risk and better social indicators of empowerment.

To further these objectives, WBSRLM (West Bengal State Rural Livelihoods Mission), a registered society under the Society Registration Act 1860 has been formed by the Government of West Bengal to implement the National Rural Livelihood Mission in the state.

         ANANDHARA aims to ensure that at least one member from each of the identified poor rural household is brought under the Self Help Group (SHG) network in a time-bound manner, thereby benefiting the poor in a number of ways.

Salient features under ANANDADHARA·                    

  • ·           Promotion of Institutions of the poor:

  •       Universal Social Mobilization:

  • ·     Universal Financial Inclusion:

  • ·     Capacity Building and Training:

  • ·     Revolving Fund and Capital Subsidy:

  • ·     Provision of Interest Subsidy:

  • ·     Livelihood promotion:

  • ·     Infrastructure creation and Marketing support:

  • ·     Skills and Placement Projects:

  • ·     Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs):

  • ·     Convergence and Partnerships:

Activity Type

No of Members benefitted

Status of Implementation

Participation in Trades/ Fairs


Sales volume Rs.42.80 lakh

Sales/ supply through Activity Cluster


Sales volume Rs.544.8 lakh

Tailoring Training to SHGs


Tailoring units made operational in all 167 Sanghas to provide school uniform to students

Cooking of MDM


10506 SHGs are providing cooked food in all Pry/ Upper Pry Schools

Supply of Diet to Hospitals


Supplying  Hospital diet in almost all rural Hospitals

Supply of Nutrimix to ICDS


38 Sanghas are taking preparation for supplying “Nutrimix” to the ICDS Centre

Supply to Sanitary Napkins for Govt. Hospitals


Bolpur Mahasangha is taking preparation for supplying Sanitary Napkins to the Govt. Hospitals

Construction of Sanitary Toilet as Sanitary Mart under MNB


24 Sanghas and 8 SHGs have constructed 6840 toilet blocks till date under Mission Nirmal Bangla

Projects Running

NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission)

          NRLM has set up dedicated sensitive support units at the National, State, district and sub-district levels, to catalyze social mobilization, build institutions, capacities and skills, facilitate financial inclusion and access to financial services, support livelihoods and to promote convergence and partnerships with various programmes and stakeholders. These units would be staffed with professionally competent and dedicated human resources.


  • At the national level, Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) is required to provide technical and professional support to the states to establish the Mission societies, implementation architecture and systems and guide them in the implementation and monitor their progress. For this, NRLM Empowered Committee (EC) has been set up which reviews and approves the Implementation Plans and Annual Action Plans and release the funds to SRLMs.The Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary, Rural Livelihoods (RL), MoRD leads NRLM as Mission Director and Chief Executive officer (CEO) of National Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (NRLPS) with the Union Minister In-charge of the Ministry/Department dealing with the Society shall be the ex-officio President of the Society. NRLPS comprises of multidisciplinary team of professionals from open market on contract, and requisite support staff to provide wide ranging professional and technical support to the National Rural Livelihoods Mission and the State Rural Livelihoods Missions in the implementation of their Mission Objectives.

  • At the state level, the State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) constituted by State Government, would oversee the implementation of all NRLM related activities in the state. An autonomous body under the State Government, SRLM would be incorporated as a society, trust or company. State Mission Management Unit (SMMU) would implement the NRLM activities in the state through an SMMU, at the state level, headed by a full-time State Mission Director (SMD). A multidisciplinary SMMU team would comprise of experts in Social Inclusion, Financial Inclusion, Livelihoods, Programme Management, Programme Support etc., would support the SMD in implementing NRLM in the state.

  • District Mission Management Unit (DMMU): The DMMU of the SRLM would be responsible for meeting NRLM objectives and implementing NRLM activities in the district. DMMU, linked suitably with DRDA, would be a facilitating and support unit for field structures. A multidisciplinary DMMU, led by District Mission Manager (DMM), hired from open market on contract or on deputation from Government, includes functional specialists in Social Inclusion, Financial Inclusion, Livelihoods, Capacity Building, Programme Management, Programme Support etc., and support staff, as required. These specialists and staff would be hired in a phased manner, as required, on contract or on deputation.

  • Support Structures at Sub-district level: The Sub-district level Support Structure is either -

  • a Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU) led by a Block Mission Manager (BMM) and consisting of 3-5 spearhead teams; or

  • a Project Facilitation Team at cluster (sub-block) level


BPL Population, SC Population & ST Population

Sl. No.



Percentage (%)


SECC (Target families)




Scheduled Caste




Scheduled Tribe



Present Status of  formation of SHG,  Upa-Sangha , Sangha  Producer Collectives and Mahasangha Etc.

Sl. No

Types of activities

During 2015-16



Total NRLM Compliant  WSHGs




Total No of Upa- Sangha




Total No. of Sangha


167  (100%  G.Ps have been covered)


Total No. of Producers’  Collectives




Total No. of Mahasangha



Types of support provided to the SHGs


Sl. No

Types of activities

During 2014 -15 (Physical)

During 14 -15 (Financial)


No. of SHGs provided with RF support


206.32 Lakh


No. of SHGs provided with  P.F support


133.35  Lakh


No. of Clusters provided with Infrastructure Support


28.00 Lakh


No. of  Karmatirthas  / Haats / Marketing outlets are branded


3.17 Lakh


No, of Clusters provided with CIF


3.75 Cr.


No. of SHG member  provided with Marketing Support


64.13 Cr.

Upliftment of SHGs through Activity Cluster of Birbhum District , West Bengal

  Selection of quality raw materials, latest design and Marketing of the finished products are big problems for the SHG members who are engaged in “Kantha and Batik” activity. To avoid this uncertainty of marketing and to reduce the  risk of  selecting  the  quality raw materials &  latest design  at reasonable price they  are  previously  used to work under the middle  men  on  per piece wage/commission basis even after forming the SHG and taking training on this activity. These middle men used to exploit these SHG members as they do not have any other alternative to sell their products. They were not in a position to bargain with these middle men for enhancing their wage or commission .Even if some of them deny to accept the offer others agree to continue the work as they do not have any other alternative to utilize their free time to earn some money for their family

     To get rid of this situation and to earn some more money 64 SHGs under Bolpur –Sriniketan Block have decided to form one Activity Cluster on “Kantha and Batik” activity in the month of February ,2009 by opening a bank account  in the name of “Swapnatari Activity Cluster”. They have selected five leaders

 who are relatively qualified, well trained and able to give time for the improvement of this activity cluster by improving the quality of life and livelihood of these SHG members. Previously these SHG members have no permanent marketing outlet, which can give a steady and certain market throughout the year. So they have taken the charge of one showroom namely  “Swayambhara”  at  Netaji Market,  Bolpur For marketing the products of all the members of SHGs. They have also linked their member SHGsbwith the SHGs who are producing the raw materials of this activity and as a result both the types of SHGs are benefited. They have identified the need of standardization, quality control, design development and packaging of their products and for this purpose they are categorizing their member SHGs. They usually hold a general meeting in the first Friday of each and every month where the SHG members exchange their opinion and share their views and by this process they can find out the strength and weaknesses of the weaker groups and give adequate support to the weaker SHGs so that all the SHGs can maintain similar product quality. They are also imparting skill development training to the weaker SHGs by taking fund from the DRD Cell where the expert SHG members are working as a master trainer. All the SHGs eagerly wait for the monthly meeting as in this meeting they used to get the sales proceeds of the previous month and get the order of their product for the next month from the activity cluster. This activity cluster prepares the roster of artisans (SHG members) who are interested and eligible for the participation at different SARAS fair. For the increasing urge for marketing their products they have applied for one stall at Dilli Haat, Pitampura . P&RD Department have granted their prayer gladly for the year 2009-10 & 10-11 inthe name of their activity cluster. For making their showroom more attractive they are displaying and selling the best products of other districts in their showroom. For making publicity of their products they are giving advertisement of their activity in the local cable, displaying banners in the important places of the district and distributing hand bills through the news papers supplies in the rural markets etc.

      Observing these benefits more SHGs are joining in this activity cluster and at present their member SHGs are 127 out of which 122 SHGs have been able to enhance their income after joining in this activity Cluster. Majority of the SHG members has increased their family income from Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,500 per month. They are earning total Sales proceeds around Rs. 1,55,000/= per month through the permanent marketing outlets which is increasing rapidly after publicity of their products. Their smiling face is the true manifestation of their self-confidence  and happiness.

Their future plan is to remove all the exploitation of middle men and to establish a brand for their products which will brighten the face of their District as well as State. For achieving this they have adopted their strategy and they want that their Activity Cluster will be a glaring examples for the SHG movement. 

   One survey has been conducted by  Sridhar Samanta - Marketing Consultant, DRDC, BZP by   taking a small sample of 25 SHGs  to observe the actual improvement of these SHGs after one year of joining with this Activity Cluster. These Data have been collected from the same SHGs before joining of activity cluster and after two years of joining through Simple Randam Sampling (SRS) Process.

A) Improvement of way of Raw Materials Collection:-

% of SHGs have not got  any advantages of Raw materials collection

% of SHGs got  advantages of Raw materials collection but not sufficient

% of SHGs got enough  advantages of Raw materials collection




B) Status of improvement of Training:-

% of SHG members got design development training

% of SHG members got Kantha Training

% of SHG members got Batik Training

% of SHG members got advance Tailoring Training





C) Status of improvement of Exposure at Local, State & Nation level Fairs:- 

% of SHG members got exposure at Local Fairs

% of SHG members got exposure at State level Fairs

% of SHG members got exposure at National Fairs




D) Sales figures of this activity cluster through different marketing Channel of last one year:-

Sales figure at district levels ( Rs.)


Sales at permanent marketing outlet, Bolpur  (Rs. )


Sales at Inter district level (State Level) (Rs.)


Inter State Level (Nation Level) (Rs. In Lakh)


At Parmanent Marketing outlet at  Pitampura(Rs.)







E)Status of  Changes of income of these SHGs after joining with this Activity Cluster

No change of Income level

Per head Income Change < Rs.1,000/=

Per head Income Changes between 1,000/= to 2,000/=

Per head Income Change > Rs.2,000/=

4% SHGs

12 %SHGs

36 %SHGs

48 %SHGs

Downloadable Form for SGSY, SHG related Forms : 1st Grading , Overall Comments , 2nd Grading & Over all Comments.
Picture Gallery

Contact details

Sl.No. Name Designation Office phone no. With STD code Office Fax no. With STD code e-mail id
1 Angshuman Bhattacharya Project Director 03462-255377 03462-253570 pddrdc-bir[at]nic[dot]in
2 Bishwaranjan Mukherjee Dy.Project Director(Monitoring) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
3 Krishnakanta Sarkar Dy. Project Director(Credit) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
4 Goutam Bag Dy.Project Director(Accounts) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
5 Saikat Sen DPM(MIS) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
6 Sridhar Samanta DPM( SM & IB) 03462-255307 03462-253570 pddrdc-bir[at]nic[dot]in
7 Ajoy Kumar Ghosh District Training Co-ordinator 03462-255307 03462-253570  
8 Pradip Kr.Roy DPM(MF) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
9 Arun Kumar Saha Head Clerk 03462-255307 03462-253570  
10 Nityaranjan Nayak Statistical Investigator 03462-255307 03462-253570 pddrdc-bir[at]nic[dot]in
11 Subodh Kumar Saha Statistical Investigator 03462-255307 03462-253570  
12 Amalendu Roy Accountant 03462-255307 03462-253570  
13 Pintu Mondal Accountant 03462-255307 03462-253570  
14 Naba Kumar Mal U.D.C 03462-255307 03462-253570  
15 Sonali Bose U.D.C 03462-255307 03462-253570  
16 Bikash Kanti Das L.D.C 03462-255307 03462-253570  
17 Nargis Rehaman DEO(LDC) 03462-255307 03462-253570 pddrdc-bir[at]nic[dot]in
18 Srikanta Chattaraj LDC 03462-255307 03462-253570  
19 Sk. Sirabuddin Driver 03462-255307 03462-253570  
20 Naresh Chandra Das Driver 03462-255307 03462-253570  
21 Ashoke Kumar Dey R.S 03462-255307 03462-253570  
22 Bishwajit Bahadur Night Guard 03462-255307 03462-253570  
23 Bimal Muchkarni Office Peon(Contingent) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
24 Nikhil Bagdi Office Peon(Contingent) 03462-255307 03462-253570  
25 Arindam Chatterjee   03462-255307 03462-253570  
  Durga Dutta Y.P 03462-255307 03462-253570  

TEL : 03462-255307/255377
E-MAIL : pddrdc-bir[at]nic[dot]in, pddrdcbir[at]gmail[dot]com

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