Kanyashree Prakalpa, DPMU, Birbhum.

Brief Description of Activities

         Kanyashree Prakalpa has started its journey in the district of Birbhum on 1st October, 2013 following the noble ideals of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal. Kanyashree Prakalpa in our district is dedicated towards social and economic upliftment of vulnerable adolescent girls. Today Kanyashree Prakalpa is not the name of any ordinary scheme, rather it is the name of a social movement

         Protecting and empowering all adolescent girls and supporting their healthy development by creating an enabling environment for their participation and meaningful contribution to society. 

        WHO has identified this age group as the period of preparation for adulthood during which several key developmental experiences occur like acquiring social and economic independence, development of identity, the acquisition of skills needed to carry out adult relationships and roles and the capacity for abstract reasoning. While adolescence is a time of tremendous growth and potential, it is also a time of considerable risk during which social contexts exert powerful influences.

Organizational Structure

Citizen centric Activities

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To get Annual Scholarship (K1) benefit for 2016-17, date of birth range is 01/04/1999 to 31/03/2004.


To get One Time Grant (K2) benefit for 2016-17, date of birth range is 01/04/1998 to 31/03/1999.


Kanyashree Club is active in all the institutions throughout the district for awareness in different information related to Kanyashree Prakalpa.


Awareness camp and exposure visit for Kanyashree girls to local hospitals, Anwesha Clinic.


Developmental Activities

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Discouraging early marriage of girls to ensure compliance with the legal provisions pertaining to the minimum age at marriage.


Incentivize through scholarships, the continuation of education of the girl child in Secondary and Higher Secondary classes and those undergoing vocational training or sports training.


Improving IMR and MMR by delaying the age of marriage and consequently increasing the median age of first birth.


Reducing the incidence of drop outs, especially amongst girls from poor families.


Eradicating under nutrition and mal-nutrition of girl child and preventing trafficking and exploitation of the girl child.


        Creating a protective environment for girls in which they can be safeguarded from being married before the legal age of 18 years or trafficked, by incentivizing education and influencing knowledge, attitudes and practices to bring forth collective action against child marriage.


1.                   Target achieved for the year 2015-16:- 91,686 (115%) number of K1 cases against 80,000 K1 target and 10,939 (129%) number of K2 cases against 8,500 targets set by the state.

2.                   Since inception 254480 number of K1 beneficiaries and 25040 number of K2 beneficiaries of Birbhum district have been benefitted through the Kanyashree Prakalpa.

3.                   For the performance of the year 2014-15 this district got 3rd position and for the year 2015-16 got 2nd position at state level.

4.                   Kanyashree Tableau got 2nd position on 26th January Parade ceremony 2016.

5.                   Kanyashree department magazine named “Vorer Pakhi” after the success of his 1st year publication re-published his 2nd edition containing the writings of School / College students, teachers and other creators.

6.                   Kanyashree Prakalpa, Birbhum has launched “Career Counselling” programme throughout the district to guide the girl students to choose the right and suitable professional career after their studies.

7.                   To enhance the physical strength and confidence among the girl students of the district Kanyashree Prakalpa, Birbhum has successfully launched “Karate Training Programme”.

8.                   Kanyashree Prakalpa, Birbhum has provided “Outstanding Achievement” award to 12 candidates who showed outstanding performance in various fields such as sports, cultural activities etc. In various national or international events on Kanyashree Diwas, 2016 at Suri Indoor Stadium.

9.                   Kanyashree Prakalpa in a joint activity with district NREGA Cell has undertaken a programme of “Saplings” distribution to all Kanyashree Girls of the district under 2015/16 financial year.

Soft Toy making programme under Skill Development Activity has been successfully conducted by Kanyashree Prakalpa, Illambazar Block Unit last year.

List of Forms used by the citizen (girls):-

Form serial no. 000001 to 030000 and 749001 to 752000: - 33,000 nos. of K1 forms distributed

Form serial no. 000001 to 002000 and 94501 to 94530 :-   2,030 nos. of K2 forms distributed.

District Contact Details

District Nodal Officer,

 DPMU, Kanyashree  Prakalpa