Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education,Birbhum

           Birbhum is one of the important districts of “RARH–REGION” in West Bengal. It is situated in the west side of West Bengal bounded by Dumka of Jharkhand State in its West and North, Murshidabad in the East and North East and Burdwan in the South & South East. 14 Nos Minority Concentrated Block Block out of 19 nos and 4 Nos IMDP Blocks
The Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department (MAMED) [formerly the Minorities Development and Welfare Department] is catering to the specific needs and aspirations of the large minority community in the District. The Department works for the development and welfare of minorities, thereby ensuring the protection of rights and providing opportunities for growth
Activities: - Construction of ITI, Polytechnic College, Hostel Building, New School building , Health Center , Additional Class Room , Marketing Complex ,Community toilet and Community hall etc.
Provide Pre-Matric Scholarship, Post-Matric Scholarship Under talent support scholarship , Term loan, Group for minority students and provide Term Loan ,Group Loan for Minority beneficiaries and Skill Development Training ,Vocation Training and Competitive exam preparation training for minority youth. Different types of incentive are given to the poor Madrasahs students including (boys and girls) from the MA&ME Department like that 1. Dress grant 2. Book 3. Financial assistant etc and also given honorarium to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the MSK and SSKs. Hostel students including boys and girls are provide expenditure of the hostelers (@Rs1000.000 per month).
In coming five years plan our department is trying to implement and materialize more Karmatirtha for the development of economic condition of the rural villagers, Multipurpose Community hall in the Minority Concentrated Blocks is also in the future plan, More Drinking water facilities were still the people not getting safe drinking water will be projected, Upgradation of Health Sub centre at village level for providing better health services to the villagers.
Some Plan will be prepared as per need of the common mass in the Minority Concentrated Area. Hostels, we have already taken up and more hostels will be constructed as per the requirement of the Educational Institution in future.
At present the status of the minority community people comparatively developed more change have been done. Child Marriage a social evil is checked but more effort is required to eradicate it. In the education sector minority students are doing good result, in higher education also they are coming in good numbers after all status has been changed and more change is required.

Organizasions Under MA & ME Section
Organizations under Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department.
1. West Bengal Minorities' Development and Finance Corporation( WBMDFC)
2. West Bengal Minorities Commission
3. West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education
4. Aliah University
5. Board of Waqf, West Bengal
6. West Bengal State Haj Committee
7. West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission
8. West Bengal Urdu Academy

Citizen centric activities
I. West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation under the administrative control of this department provide soft loans for self-employment, Education loan for pursuing professional courses, Pre Matric/Post Matric Stipend & Scholarship and arranging for Vocational courses.
(for further information click to www.wbmdfc.org)

II. West Bengal Urdu Academy under administrative control of this department has been entrusted to promote, Urdu Language and Literature in this state by means of translation and publication of scholarly work in Urdu on all topics, printing and publication of popular Bengali Classics and other Bengali works translated into Urdu, awarding scholarship, prizes to the deserving, to encourage and promote Urdu Journalism and research, to advise and assist the State Government in the formulation and implementation of its policies towards promotion of Urdu, to hold Seminars, exhibition, Mushaira, Dramas, Symposium, Oration etc all in manner as to the understanding and integration of different sections of people residing in West Bengal or elsewhere and leading to the enrichment of the culture of West Bengal.

III. West Bengal State Haj Committee under administrative control this Section at district level acts as advisory and consultative body and makes all arrangements for the Haj pilgrims of Birbhum District, to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Haj.

IV. Board of Wakfs, West Bengal under administrative control of this Section has the statutory responsibility amongst others- to ensure that the wakfs under its superintendence are properly maintained, controlled and administered and income thereof is duly applied to the objects and for the purposes for which such wakfs were created or intended.

V. West Bengal Minorities' Commission: Visit every year and review following activities.
1. Evaluate the progress of development of Minorities and review implementation of the policies and programmes of the State Government.
2. Monitor the working and making recommendation for the effective enforcement and implementation of safeguards for the protection of the interest of the Minorities provided by the Constitution and Laws enacted by the Legislature and implemented by the Government.
3. Look into specific complaints regarding deprivation of social, economic, educational, cultural and linguistic rights and safeguards of the Minorities and take up such matters with the appropriate authorities.
4. Causes studies, to be undertaken into problems arising out of any discrimination against Minorities and recommended measures of their removal.
5. Conduct studies, research and analysis on the issues relating to socio-economic and educational development of the Minorities.
6. Make annual report to the State Government on any matter pertaining to any of the functions of the Commission.

VI. Aliah University– All vocational training programme hosted by Alia university under supervision of our District Administration ,
a. Create educational opportunities for higher education and studies;
b. Encourage study of modern technological and professional courses along with the classical languages, oriental studies, religious studies and Islamic culture;
c. Promote higher education amongst the minorities in the State.
d. Provide educational and research facilities in various branch of learning;
e. Promote national integration, secularism, international understanding and humanism;
f. Avail better scope and opportunities to serve the societies and the Nation.

VII. West Bengal Board of Madrsah Education
The uniqueness of Madrsah Education in West Bengal lies in -
a. Secular Character
b. Equal access to both boys and girls and non-muslims
c. Equivalence and convergence
d. The Certificate of High Madrasah and Alim Examination is equivalent to Madhymik Pariksha of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the Certificate of Fazil Examination is equivalent to Higher Secondary of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.
e. The Board has balanced curriculum and is following RTE Act 2010 and CCE has already been implemented in all the Madrasahs.

Developmental Activities:
Fund involved - 1.MSDP (Multi Sectoral Development Progreamme )
2. IMDP (Integrated Minority Development Programme)
3. State Plan
Activities: - Construction of ITI, Polytechnic College, Hostel Building, New School building , Health Center , Additional Class Room , Marketing Complex ,Community toilet and Community hall etc.
Provide Pre-Matric Scholarship, Post-Matric Scholarship Under talent support scholarship , Term loan,Group Loan ,Skill Development Training ,Vocation Training and Competitive exam preparation training etc.
6. Project Running :-
2 No ITI College at Labpur and Illambazar
8 No Marketing Hub at different block

Success Story :

MSDP Total fund Received Rs. 15635.43 Lakh expenditure 15330.12 lakh

IMDP Total fund Received Rs. 1355.616 Lakh expenditure 1257.606 lakh



Sl. No.

Name of the Scheme

Achievement unit

Achievement unit


Additional Class Room (ACR)




Anaganwari Centre (AWC)




Indira Awas Yojana (IAY)




Health Sub Centre (HSC)




Hand Pump




Drinking Water Supply Scheme




Karmatirtha (Marketing Hub)




ITI / Polytechnic




Others (if any) Hostel



 Polytechnic college is functioning smoothly and ITI College admission is going on

Total 6223 nos housing unit completed under different housing scheme like Geetanjali, Destitute Minority Women, Special BRGF IAY.

                Total 210 nos of boundary wall of Graveyards contracted.  Total 154547 nos students scholarship distributed last 2015-16 financial year and 5346 nos beneficiaries have been given loans for betterment of their livelihood.

Contact Details
District Officer Minority Affairs,
MA&ME Building
Suri, Birbhum
Tel : 03462-259375 e-mail - mame.birbhum[at]gmail[dot]com