Birbhum was never been industrially developed.Though the district is rich in Traditional,Cottage and Village Industries.The contribution of Village Industries like Kantha stitch,Leather, Handloom,Silk weaving, Sola pith, Batik etc. in this district is immense.

However,with the changing industrial scenario,recent change in Government policies in West Bengal in Micro,Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Sector and after the establishment of Bakreshwar Thermal Power Project, the MSME Sector in this districtareslowly and gradually developing in an organized manner.

Birbhum district is advantageously located beside the rich industrial area of Durgapur and Asansol.The riverine district with significant rainfall and irrigation network has abundant source of water.Paddy,potato, wheat, sugarcane, rapeseed and pulses are among the cash crops. The WBSEDCL has a wide network of power distribution system in this district.Most of the mauzas of this district are electrified.

Abundant reserves of minerals resources like China Clay,Granite Stone,Coal,Quartz and Feldspar are here. Plenty of human resources and availability of land are some of the factors conducive to set up industries. Panagarh-Moregram Highway in the backbone of this district.

From the recent study it is visualized that there is extra vast scope for industrialization as well as development of handicraft items. The District Industries Centre,Birbhum since last few years has been continuously trying to make good co-ordination with the Entrepreneurs and render all support to set up Micro andSmall Enterprises including follow up with the Financial Institutions.

Most of the existing SSI units are mainly engaged in manufacturing activities like Rice Mill, Mustard Oil Mill,Rice Bran Oil Extraction Units, Stone crushing, China Clay washery,Flour Mill,Plastic Products, Rubber Industries,PCC Poles,Steel Furniture,and Electric Transformer etc. Such units are mostly located in Bolpur,Dubrajpur,Suri, Rampurhat, Sainthia, Ahmadpur,Md.Bazar and Mallarpur.

Birbhum occupies a very important part in the field of Cottage and handicraft items,which are largely in existence,are even run by local women artisans from their home and generate a source of income. The exhalative innovative ideas can be seen on design on Kantha Stitch, Batik on cloth,Embroidery, Leather products etc.

Considering the increasing consumption of electricity in the commercial and Industrial sector in between the year 2010-2011 and 2014-2015 in Birbhum, a conclusion may be drawn that the growth in the Enterprise Sector are being fast in the last five years.


Artisan Credit Card(ACC): Credit assistance to Rural Artisans having ‘Artisan Identity Card’.
Artisan Old-Age Pension: Pension scheme for old-age handicraft artisans.

District Industries Centre, (DIC) programme was started by the Central Government in 1978 with the objective of providing a focal point for promoting Small,Tiny,Cottage and Village Industries and to make available to them all necessary Services and facilities at one place. The DIC’s have been entrusted with most of the administrative and financial powers under the “Directorate of Micro,Small and medium Enterprises”. The following types of assistance and escort services are provided by the DIC to the entrepreneurs.


Technical support for preparation of Project Report.
Information on sources of machinery and equipment.
Priority in Power supply / Telephone connection.
Assistance in getting Land / shed in Industrial Estates.
Approval of Project Reports of Noble / Special types.
Training through Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
Financial Assistance through Bank / WBFC.
Financial Assistance under Self Employment Schemes.
Marketing linkage with Central Govt. / State Govt. organizations / Undertakings.
Marketing Information.
Marketing Assistance through Participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs / Buyers-Sellers Meet etc.
Marketing Assistance of Handicrafts artisans through participation in Handicrafts Expo / Exhibition both inside and outside the State.
Linkage with organization like WBHDC / WB State Handicrafts Coop. Society Ltd./ Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
Attending problems related to SSI Registration / Bank Loan / Marketing of Products etc.
Linkage with Research Institute like CMERI / CGCRI / NML / CFTRI / JTRL/ IJIRA etc. for Technology Upgradation and Innovation.
Financial Assistance for Modernization through WBFC / SIDBI / Scheduled Bank.
Skill Development Training with the help of organization like RTC etc.
Management qualities improvement through Training, Workshop, Seminars.
Export Assistance.
Standardization of products, implementation of ISO-quality system and certification.
National Level Awards for innovative products / outstanding growth / exports etc.
Registration of Industrial Cooperative and extending financial assistance to them.
Pollution Control measures and Assistance for obtaining pollution clearances.
Assistance under Schemes promoted by W.B. Minority Dev. Finance Corporation / KVI Board / other Govt. Dept.
Design and Production Development for Handicrafts.
Awards to Handicrafts artisans.
Assistance under West Bengal Incentive Scheme, 2007& 2013.
Information / Assistance towards setting up of Downstream Petrochemical Units under SSI Sector.
Old age Pension to Handicrafts Artisans.
MMTRTC Training.
Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme
Setting up of Urban / Rural Haat/ Karmatirtha for providing marketing assistance to Handicraft artisans.
Participation in Foreign Trade Fairs.


Major promotional programmes undertaken by the Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of West Bengal are:
      Identification of handicraft artisans-Provide Udyog Aadhar Memorandum to handicraft Artisan
      District Level Fairs
      Reimbursement of TA, DA & Carrying Cost to the handicraft artisans
     Celebration of Handicrafts Week& Awards to handicraft artisans
    Old Age Pension to Handicrafts & Village Industries artisans
    Artisan Credit Card (ACC)
    Skilled development training

Major handicraft items of Birbhum District:-

 Kantha Stitch Items

 Batik Print

 Leather Items

 Docra Puthi Mala

 Sola Craft

 Brass & Bell metal

 Jute Crafts

 Date root & seed ornaments

 Ornaments, macrom,brass,etc

 Wood curving

 Cane & Bamboo products

 Paintings-patachitra,Sara, wall hangings etc.

 Image , idols of paddy,straw

 Terakota,Clay Modelling

BiswaBangla Haat, Santiniketan

BiswaBangla Haat, Santiniketan has been set up on a land measuring 3.72 acres under the scheme “ Urban Haat “ for providing marketing assistance to the handicrafts and handloom artisans of the state as well as country.
It has been functioning since 18th October, 2014 and fairs are organised there round the year with participation of handicrafts and handloom artisans on rotation basis from all districts of the state.

Cluster Development Programmes:
The objectives: Main objectives of this cluster are-

1. To upgrade the technology.
2. To link up the artisans with big buyers and exporters.
3. To develop the pecuniary condition of artisans.
4. To take the initiative so that a greater part of leather artisans may join in this cluster.

A. Santiniketan Leather Cluster is a purely artisan based cluster. About 1500 nos. of artisan are now working in this cluster. All the ‘Soft intervention’ activities for this cluster has already been completed. The construction of ‘Common Facility Centre’ (CFC) as the ‘Hard intervention’ is nearly to be completed.

B. Suri Readymade Garments Clusteris under process comprising of total 35 nos. of female entrepreneurs.The process of ‘Soft Intervention’ is going on. Awareness programme, Skill Development and Design development training with help of NIFT is completed.

C. Tikarbeta Brass & Bell Metal Cluster, an artisan based cluster comprising of 280 nos. of artisan have completed its Soft Intervention programmes like Awareness & skill Development Programme, Exposure visit to U.P. Metal Handicraft Training Centre, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh etc.

D. Amarpur Tailoring Cluster and Dubrajpur Gate & Grill Cluster: Approval from the Directorate is awaiting.

MSME Facilitation Centre(MFC)-“Points of single contact” for information and procedures.

     Many of the MSME entrepreneurs are not conversant with the provision of relevant Acts and rules,Compliance,Application forms and location of government offices to submit the applications for approval,Certificate and License to start enterprises or to avail government incentives. MSME Facilitation Centre(MFC) located at district Industries Centre (DIC) are dedicated service provider of statutory compliance for an MSME entrepreneur. The MFC is tagged to the online “Single application Gateway”(SAG) through htpp:// and acts as a single point to receive all applications made by an entrepreneur to various government entities for compliances and to avail government incentive.


West Bengal Incentive Scheme(WBIS): With a view to encouraging to set up and creating a sustainable ecosystem in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Manufacturing sector, the Dept. of MSME & T provides State Incentives like WBIS-2007 and WBIS-2013. WBIS-2007 has been ended on 31st March, 2013 and WBIS-2013 commenced on and from 1st April, 2013.
The incentive granted/approved to the MSME units during last five years:



No of Units approved

No of Units benefitted

Amount of Subsidy disbursed

WBIS 2007




Rs.141.45 Lakh




Rs.265.05 Lakh








Rs.647.24 Lakh




Rs.1186.06 Lakh (partly disbursed)

WBIS 2013




Rs.363.38 Lakh  (not disbursed)





Rs. 2603.18 Lakh

  Natural Fibre Mission:Fibre Mission Project is a programme approved by the Planning Commission under BRGF which is already running in the District in a time bound manner. The basic objective of the Project is to create employment generation, expansion of livelihood base and overall upliftment of the socio-economic standard of the artisans.
Performance of DIC, Birbhum under the scheme:

Name of Fibre

Financial year

Block covered

No. of artisans trained

No of Toolkits distributed

Expenditure incurred


2013-14 to 2015-16




Rs.26.45 Lakh


2013-14 to 2015-16




Rs.9.82 Lakh

Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme(PMEGP): the scheme commenced on 15th August, 2008. This is a credit linked scheme of Government of India with the following objectives:

1. To generate continuous and sustainable employment opportunities in rural and urban area.
2. To upliftment of livelihood of a large no. of traditional and prospective artisan and unemployed youth.
3. To facilitate the participation of financial institution for higher credit flow to Micro Sector.
List of downloadable forms:

WBIS 2013 for MSME as modified up to 22nd may, 2015:

Form-A    Check list   Annexure-I  Annexure-II    Annexure-III

Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Form



 PMEGP Application Form  Govt. Subsidy Claim Form ( PMEGP)  
EDP Training Form (PMEGP)

Contact Details
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District Industries Centre, Birbhum
Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal