.... A holy place with attractive hot-spring.

         Village Bakreswar in  Suri Sub-division is situated 18 kms South West of Suri, the district headquarter of Birbhum. The place is renowned for "HOT-SPRING" and has historical importance as holy place for the existence of " SHIVA LINGAM ". There are a number of hot springs with cold springs in close proximity to them. They all discharge in to a rivulet which run past and join a small stream about 200 yards from the temple. The hot springs at Bakreswar are reputed to cure numerous chronic ailments.

       A big Mela is held every year on the day of Shiva-Ratri.

 Travel tips with available facility

  Bus Services are available both from Suri and Dubrajpur ends.

  One tourist lodge (private)

  One youth hostel run by Govt. of West Bengal

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