Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes

          1.      Office of the Joint Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Suri Charge, is an office under the Directorate of Commercial Taxes, 14, Beliaghata Road, Kolkata – 700015.

The office was established on 13/10/1969 and it is headed by the Joint Commissioner, Commercial Taxes. The whole of Birbhum District is under the jurisdiction of the office.

2.      It is a revenue earning office. Its main functions are to get the dealers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Works Contractors registered under the West Bengal VAT Act’03, CST Act’1956 & West Bengal Sales Tax Act’1994 and to collect taxes under the said Acts by monitoring their business activities.

The unit also collects Tax, Penalty by search & seizure of books of the errant dealers. 

3.      All information interalia application form for registration can be gathered by navigating through .

4.      As a revenue earning office it has a credit of clocking always double digit growth.

Revenue earned for the following years recorded below.

Financial Year                                  Revenue Collection                                    Growth

                                                                    (In Lakhs)                                       %

2012 – 2013 →                                            Rs. 5683.38                                    23.91

2013 – 2014 →                                            Rs. 7602.43                                    33.76

2014 – 2015 →                                            Rs. 9827.30                                    29.26


It is also noteworthy that in Rampurhat under Birbhum District, there is another office – Rampurhat Range which was established in the year 1991 – 1992. Way-side Checking, search & seizure of goods in a moving vehical are the functions of this office.

The whole of Birbhum & Murshidabad District are under its jurisdiction.

This unit is under Bureau III and the unit is headed by the Senior Joint Commissioner, Commercial Taxes.

Its revenue for the year 2012 – 2013 → 0.73 Crores

                                      & 2013 – 2014 → 1.03 Crores.

5.      Administrative set-up – Office of the Joint Commissioner, Commercial Taxes also called Charge Office is the lowest unit under the set-up of the Directorate of Commercial Taxes. Generally in one district, there is only one Charge Office.

Contact Details
Joint Commissioner Commercial Taxes
 Suri Charge, Suri, Birbhumj

Phone - 03462-255470   e-mail - Jc-sr[at]wb[dot]gov[dot]in