Excise Department, Birbhum


         The Excise Department of Birbhum district is concerned with the regulation of the manufacture, supply, distribution and sale of liquor and other intoxicants control of Excise related crimes through detection, prevention ,investigation and prosecution of offenders under the Law and the collection of State Excise duties ,fees and other monies derived from such manufacture ,distribution ,sale & regulation. In doing these jobs, this department is socially committed to ensure safety against health hazards and lead to a consequential growth in revenue.

Major Activities:

(a) Granting and regulating licences for the manufacture, wholesale and retail sale of liquor.

(b) Committed to Operating mechanisms for the collection of state excise duty on liquor, fees and other levies charged and imposed by the Govt. on the manufacture, distribution and sale of liquor.

(c) Carrying out enforcement activities against the illegal manufacture, distribution and sale of liquor and liquor on which requisite state excise duty or fees have not been realised.

(d)Carrying out enforcement activities against the illegal manufacture, distribution, sale and possession.

Organizational Structure: The District Magistrate & Collector is in charge of the administration of the Excise Department and the collection of Excise Revenue within the district. The Superintendent of Excise acts as the Technical Advisor to the Collector. He,in turn, is assisted by the Addl. Superintendent of Excise and Deputy Excise Collectors posted at different Ranges of the district. The Circle being the lowest administrative unit is headed by Sub-Inspector of Excise commonly known as the Officer-in-Charge of the Circle.He is assisted by Assistant Sub-Inspector of Excise & Excise Constables

  Citizen centric activities:

Sl. No.



Public grievances/complaints are duly redressed in the matter of sale ,manufacture and transport  of  illicit liquor and intoxicants.


Services are provided to the stakeholders in the matter of renewal ,shifting ,change-in-management etc.


Proposal for grant of New licences are processed as per rule.

Success Stories:
In keeping with the ongoing e-Governance initiative in Excise Department, this district is providing a good no. of e-services to the stakeholders in order to deliver our services more efficiently and transparently

A. All retail and non-retail licensees are filing monthly consumption and revenue returns online by uploading transaction data.Such data is then consolidated by the system generating MIS reports.

B. Online application for new licences have been introduced.

C. License renewal processes are made online.

D. Issue of Transport Pass/Import Permit are made online.

E.Misc. Case Monitoring System has been introduced through online.

F. Prevention of  Excise crime has been done significantly.                   Pictures

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Contact Details:


Name of the Officers



Sri Tapan Kumar Roy

Superintendent of Excise, Birbhum


Sri Pradip Kumar Ghosh

Deputy Excise Collector, Sadar Range


Sri Subhendu Guin

Deputy Excise Collector, SKDCSBP


Sri Prakash Roy

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Sadar Circle


Sri Janardan Ghosh

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Sainthia Circle


Sri Smrajit Kr. Palit

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Dubrajpur Circle


Sri Gorachand Soren

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Khoyrasole Circle


Sri Biplab Kr. Saha

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Bolpur Circle


Sri Ashok Das

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Labpur Circle


Sri Biman Biswas

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Mayureswar Circle


Sri Shakti Pada Mudi

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Rampurhat Circle


Sri Angshuman Ghosh

Officer-in-Charge of Excise,  Nalhati Circle