Location             : A few Kms. west from Illambazar and about 35 Kms south of Suri. It is situated on the north bank of River Ajoy. 

Communication  : Well connected by bus from Suri. 

Facility                : All facilities can be available at Suri. 

Famous For         : It is renowned as the birth place of great Sanskrit poet Joydev who flourished in 12th Century and composed the well known Geet - Govinda, a Sanskrit Lyrical poem. Annual- Mela is held in the village Kenduli in the last day of Bengali month Pous and first 2 days of Magh and is attended by thousands of pilgrims including Bauls. The word ‘Baul’  is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Batul’ which means ‘mad’. Baul philosophy emphasises love for all human beings as the path leading to divine love.

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