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Education :

Sainthia has a Collage and a Homeopathy medical Collage. It has five secondary, three higher secondary schools and fifteen primary schools. According to the last census there are 81.71% of male populations and 66% female are literate in this Municipality.

Climate :

The region is characterized by a generally hot and humid climate with a mild winter .The soil is generally alluvial and fertile. There was a rich reservoir of groundwater but this stands somewhat depleted due to overuse. Average temperature is 420c and minimum temperature is 80c. Avg. Rainfall 1300 mm.

Demographic Situation of Sainthia Municipality :

Sainthia Municipality is located 200 kilometers far from north east of Kolkata city and covers an area of 10 square kilometers. It encompasses a population of 39 thousands in the last National Census. The overall sex ratio stands at females 951 to every 1000 males.

Existing Density Pattern :

Sainthia municipality is a growing municipality. Average population density of the municipality is 4400 person per kilometers (PPK).The high density wards are-ward no- 13, 2, 8&3 whereas the low density wards are ward no 12, 11, 7&16. Most of these wards are located near Sainthia railway station i.e. these wards are mainly situated in the core area of the town.

Population growth & projection :

Population of this municipality as per 1991 census 29,200 and 39145as per 2001 census, estimated population in the year 2011 is 44500 In the year 2021 population is expected to be nearly 55,407 and in 2025 it will be nearly 62480. Annual growth rate of population is 2.6 (approx) as per District Growth Rate.

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