Location A village under Nagari Gram Panchayat under Suri-I Block within  Suri Police Station Area.
How to Reach Patharchapuri Patharchapuri is well connected with Suri by Bus and other Road Transport. The nearest Railway station is Chinpai and lies in the  Andal-Sainthia section of Eastern Railway.
About Patharchapuri Patharchapuri is the precedence of  the Mohammedan Saint  Hazrat Data Meheboob Shah Wali famously known as "Data-Baba" who is reported to have died in 1299 B.S. corresponding to March, 1892 A.D. He is  famous for his Sufi Thoughts. It is said that he was gifted to miraculous power and used to cure dangerous diseases by applying ashes of dust. His tomb in the village is frequented by many visitor every year. A large Fair locally known as "Data Saheber Mela",  perhaps the largest in the region, is held in Patharchapuri village in the month of Chaitra ( March-April ) every year  commemorating the death anniversary of Data Saheb. Lakhs of pilgrims assemble in the fair  during the occasions.
Contact Details Hazrat Data Meheboob Shah Wali Urs-Mazar Mela Committee
Patharchapuri, Suri, Birbhum. Telephone : 03462-209684

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