Executive Engineer, Bolpur Mechanical Division P.H.E.Dte

           Execution of Electro-Mechanical portion of work for different Ongoing and Commissioned Water Supply Schemes in the district of Birbhum. Creation of Spot source by Rig Boring method as per Departmental norms

The brief activities of this Division are as follows :-

1) Study of Techno Economical feasibility of new proposed schemes received from the beneficiaries.
2) Survey and preparation of new schemes
3) Installation, commissioning and handing over of new schemes to the beneficiaries.
4) Maintenance and repairing of existing Government owned & operated RLI Schemes.
Organizational Structure

 Citizen Centric activities

[1]           Creation of Spot source and installation of Rig Bore Hand Tube Well at 12 Nos. block under Birbhum         District.

[2]          Maintenance of different pipe Water Supply Scheme under Birbhum District.

[3]          Testing of water sample from different spot source, pipe water supply scheme and private consumer of    mainly 3 Nos. of block  of  Birbhum district is done by our sub district lab at Bolpur Water Supply    Project for water Quality testing and monitoring.

[4]          Providing water pouches by Mobile Treatment Unit (MTU) at the emergency situation like draught,  flood, etc. is done.

Development activities: 

[1]           Safe quality of drinking water is being provided through the district of Birbhum.

[2]          Construction of spot source is done where pipe water supply scheme is not available.

[3]          Construction of dual solar pump is done in different School, Anganwadi etc. under Birbhum District. 

Projects running

[1]           Augmentation for Bolpur Water Supply Sanitation & Health Education Project [Indo-German].

[2]          Rasa Water Supply Scheme

[3]          Aligarh Water Supply Scheme

[4]          Chatra-Koma Water Supply Scheme

[5]          Installation of R.O Based fully automatic drinking water Bottling Plant.

Success Story: 

[1]           64 Nos. of water supply project under Birbhum District has already been successfully commissioned.

[2]          8 Nos. Dual Solar Pump successfully installed at different Schools, Anganwadi Centre under  Birbhum  District.


Contact Details
Office of the Executive Engineer,
Bolpur Mechanical Subdivision 

PHE Dte, Bolpur Birbhum

 e-mail - ee_bol_me[at]wbphed[dot]gov[dot]in