Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies – Birbhum


Co-operative Movement in India began in 1904 with the passing of Co-operative Credit Societies Act. Keeping with the pace in the National level, the Movement in Birbhum District also started in the year with the organization of Co-operative Societies. Before passing of Cooperative Credit Societies act- 1904 some cooperative societies were organized in the then Bengal and Birbhum was not lagging behind in this respect. One credit society at Fatepur, Mollarpur(1903) and another at Kusmore, Murarai(1902) was organized and started business. Mollarpur Credit Society started business by raising deposit from 25 person @ interest 4% and extended credit to 10 farmers @9% interest and being satisfied an American kept deposit of Rs 450.00 in the said society.

At present there are 1324 number of different types of working Co-operative Societies in the Birbhum District and they have been helping farmers by catering need of credit of farmers, supplying fertilizer, seeds pesticides, agricultural implements, extending storage facility to some extent and marketing facilities etc. ,extending banking facilities in rural areas, promoting SHG, extending consumption loan, housing loan, car loan, in Urban areas and employees of both private and public sectors, undertaking different government works and thereby creating job opportunities of labourers, unemployed youths etc.

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Assistant registrar of Co-operative Societies, Birbhum
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