The DPO of Integrated Child Development Services is primarily concerned with the implementation of schemes related to children in the age group of 0-6 years, adolescent girls as well as pregnant and lactating women. In addition to these initiatives, the DPO(ICDS) is concerned with the relevant policies, legislations, budget, training requirements, monitoring, evaluation and supervision of programmes concerning early childhood care and nutrition programmes.

 District level, the District Programme Officer executes the programmes in coordination with the Child Development Project Officers (CDPOs) in charge of the ICDS projects at the block level. At the village level, there are the Anganwadi Workers, closely guided by Lady Supervisors who monitor clusters of Anganwadi Centres and report to the CDPOs.


ABOUT ICDS:    Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is a government program in India which provides nutritional meals, preschool education, primary healthcare, immunization, health check-up and referral services to children under 6 years of age and their mothers. The scheme was launched in 1975, discontinued in 1978 by the government of Morarji Desai, and then relaunched by the Tenth Five Year Plan.

Tenth five-year plan also linked ICDS to Anganwadi centres established mainly in rural areas and staffed with frontline workers. In addition to improving child nutrition and immunization, the programme is also intended to combat gender inequality by providing girls the same resources as boys.


Scope of services

The following services are sponsored under ICDS to help achieve its objectives:


Supplementary nutrition

Health checkup

Referral services

Pre-school education(Non-Formal)

Nutrition and Health information

Contraceptive counseling for adolescents


The main objectives of the scheme-

Improvement in the health and nutritional status of children 0–6 years and pregnant and lactating mothers.

Reduction in the incidence of their mortality and school drop out

Provision of a firm foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child.

Enhancement of the maternal education and capacity to look after her own health and nutrition and that of her family.

Effective co-ordination of the policy and implementation among various departments and programmes aimed to promote child development.


The beneficiaries are:

Children 0–6 years of age

Pregnant and lactating mothers

Women 15–44 year of age

Since 1991 adolescent girls up to the age of 18 years for non-formal education and training on health and nutrition.


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District Contact Details

District ICDS Cell,
1st Floor, DM Office,
Suri, Birbhum, PIN – 731101
Tel: 03462-255038
E-mail: dpo[dot]icds[dot]brbm[at]