Disaster Management Department

In order to tackle any untoward incidents either by natural disaster or man-made disaster “Multi-Hazard Disaster Management Plan 2016-17 has been updated with Co-operation and Co-ordination of all S.D.O.s, B.D.O.s and all Line Deptt. Capacity Training program was organized at all G.P.s of District to generate awareness among the people in the village about ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ during any disaster.

Hired-country boats and speed boats of Civil Defense Deptt. were kept ready for search and rescue works. 5 Flood Shelters are ready to take shelter during flood situation in 4 Flood Prone blocks. Flood Control Room round the Clock at District Head Quarter is opened during monsoon season to inform all B.D.O.s, S.D.O.s about release of water from dams / barrage and water level of rivers or any warning message from the Deptt.

Stock of Relief materials are kept ready up to G.P. levels to face situation arise by Calamity / Fire incidents Relief materials are also distributed through the Hon’ble M.L.A.s during Eid and Durga Puja Festivals.

There are other activities also which may be divided into three categories.

Coordinating all activities relating to the whole cyclone of Disaster Management – Preparedness, Mitigation, Prevention, Response, Relief and rehabilitation the Deptt. provides Normal Relief to certain section of people of below poverty line during normal time.


Normal Relief                                                                         

N.G.R. Wheat                                                                           

Cash G.R.

Emergency Relief

Spl. G.R. (Rice)

Relief materials to the victims of natural calamity and of accidental fire on need base case.

Relief Contingency

House Building Grant (Natural Calamity) & Fire incidents

Other assistance

Ex. Gratia Grant to the bereaved families of victims of Natural Calamity : Rs.2,00,000/- per death case.

Ex. Gratia grant for Snakebite cases Rs.1,00,000/- per head.

Economic Rehabilitation Grant

Rs.10,000/- for Small Business

Rs.5,000/- for sewing Machine

Scheme for construction of

Relief Go-down Rs.18,12,000/-

Flood Shelter – 60,00,000/-

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Contact Details
District Disaster Management Cell
3rd Floor, Birbhum Collectorate
Suri, Birbhum
 e-mail – dmd[dot]birsuri[at]gmail[dot]com