Brief Description on Activities performed :

Sericulture is an agro based rural industry, the end product of which is silk . Now -a -days in different developing countries it has been identified as an intensive tool for rural development through additional employment generation . The district of Birbhum has an age old tradition of silk culture and the district has the unique feature of practicing both Mulberry and Tasar . In case of Mulberry more than 16,000 of families earned their lively hood by adopting Silkworm rearing . In case of Tasar it is mostly practiced by rural tribal on forest plantation and limited cases on economic plantations specially of seed purpose. Department of Sericulture involved for a holistic development of Sericulture in the district through Extension service by providing both Technical and financial support to the stake holders.

Why Sericulture is potential in the district :

High employment potential.

Birbhum has the unique feature of both varieties of traditional Silk culture Mulberry & Tasar and also reach resources of silk artisans. 15980 Nos of rural families are traditionally engaged in sericulture (Mulberry) activities and 215 nos families in Tasar Sector across the District.

It is estimated that at present 1 (one) acre of Mulberry plantation can give average annual return of Rs.2.0 -2.2 lakh following proper package of practices and Sericulture can generate employment @ 8 man days per acre of Mulberry Plantation throughout the year. This potential is par-excellence and no other industry generate this kind of employment, specially in rural areas, hence, sericulture is used as a tool for rural reconstruction.


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Office of  Dy. Director of Textiles(Seri)
Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal