Executive Engineer, Birbhum Division-I and II P.W(Roads) Directorate


Main activities include construction of Road & Bridge and R.O.B etc. and improvement and maintenance work of existing roads, bridge R.O.B etc. A good road system in a country provides a means of transport form one place to another at lesser expenditure of time and money, progress, prosperity and civilization of a country can be judged by the quality and the network of road it possesses. A country cannot develop without a good road system. Considering its role, development of road is of utmost importance, especially for the growth of rural development . Good road system helps in the growth of trade and economy because it helps in the movement of the goods from the place of production to the place of consumption. Road in the link between road materials and finished product. Road serve as a feeder lines to the railways/ waterways and airways. A well planned road system increases the land value of villages’ route. Good road system is absolutely necessary for maintained better law and order in the country. Road is a means of transport for people from their places of living to their place of working. Hence construction and maintenance & improvement of good road system is one of the most important activities undertake by P.W.(Roads) Directorate.

About The Department and its activities :-

Birbhum Highway Division-I, P.W.(Roads) Directorate Situated at Sarak Bhavan, Lambodarpur, Suri, Birbhum.

The jurisdiction under the division is northern part of Mayurakshi river and 3 (three) roads are situated in southern part of  Mayurakshi river, which are Mollarpur-Majipara-Bolpur Road ( from 14.00 kmp to 31.30 kmp), Purandapur- Rangaipur Road (from 0.00 kmp to 10.00 kmp),Chowhatta-Hatia-sainthia Road(from 0.00 kmp to 19.00 kmp) and 1 (One) Bridge is under construction over Mayurakshi river at Gunutia.

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Office of the Executive Engineer
Birbhum Highway Division I and II, P.W. (Roads) Directorate
Suri, Birbhum

E-mail: eebhdpwr[at]gmail [dot]com / eebhdiipwr[at]gmail [dot]com