Kanyashree Prakalpa, DPMU

Brief Description of Activities

Kanyashree Prakalpa has started its journey in the district of Birbhum on 1st October, 2013 following the noble ideals of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal. Kanyashree Prakalpa in our district is dedicated towards social and economic upliftment of vulnerable adolescent girls. Today Kanyashree Prakalpa is not the name of any ordinary scheme, rather it is the name of a social movement

Protecting and empowering all adolescent girls and supporting their healthy development by creating an enabling environment for their participation and meaningful contribution to society.

WHO has identified this age group as the period of preparation for adulthood during which several key developmental experiences occur like acquiring social and economic independence, development of identity, the acquisition of skills needed to carry out adult relationships and roles and the capacity for abstract reasoning. While adolescence is a time of tremendous growth and potential, it is also a time of considerable risk during which social contexts exert powerful influences.


District Contact Details
District Nodal Officer,
DPMU, Kanyashree Prakalpa