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Food & Supply Department is playing important role to provide food security to the targeted beneficiaries.  For this purpose two main functions are performed by this Department.  One is to procure paddy through CMR agencies at MSP for mitigating the distress sell of paddy by the farmers.

Birbhum being one of the major procurement district of West Bengal meets up its own requirement of rice and even it supports other deficit districts for smooth running of PDS.

The other part is to maintain the system of Public Distribution for providing food security through MR Distributor & FPS Dealer.  Beneficiaries covered under NFSA Act, RKSY-I, RKSY-II & some tribal people of 7 (seven) bordering blocks are provided with food grains through FPS for ensuring food security.  Thus enabling the Govt. to control the open market price of the food grains also.

Beside these activities the supply of Petroleum products to the consumers through K. oil dealers, Lubricating oil Dealers, LPG dealers, MS & HSD dealers, Auto LPG dealers etc are made under the supervision of Food & Supply Department.

                                                              -: VISION AND MISSION :-


Food & Supplies Department was set up in West Bengal in the month of March, 1943. The Department, being the administrative department, is the apex body under the state government. It is also responsible for the management of the food economy of the State and for taking policy decisions thereon. The Department has the dual responsibilities of procuring of food grains, distributing of food grains and some other essential commodities as well as for monitoring and enforcing orders enacted under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. It keeps close watch on the stock position, price level, availability of essential commodities, including food, operation of Public Distribution System. It monitors the functioning of different directorates under it for implementation of different orders.


To provide food security to the people, particularly, the poor and vulnerable sections of the society and prevent distress sale of paddy by small / marginal farmers.

                                                                  -: AREA OF OPERATION :-

For maintaining supplies and securing availability and distribution of essential commodities, the State of West Bengal has been divided into two separate broad areas.

The urban areas and certain other areas which are urban in nature as specified in Schedule – A of the West Bengal Urban Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013.

The areas, other than above, of the State of West Bengal, where the West Bengal Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013 is applicable.

Birbhum district administers the West Bengal Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013. Beneficiaries are catered through the network of Modified Ration Distributors and Fair Price Shop Dealers.

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Contact Details

District Controller, F&S, Birbhum

Dangalpara, Suri

Ph. No. : (03462) 255-434
Fax No. : (03462) 255-434
email : dcfs_bir_wb[at]yahoo[dot]in