Land & Land Reforms

Before Independence of India, the British Rulers were utmost intended to consolidate and stabilize the system of revenue collection in accordance with the permanent settlement enacted under Regulation 1/1773. With the view of maximizing revenue collection from Land for colonial interest, the British Rulers Set a department with the name and style as ‘Board of Revenue’ Under this statute, Rules so framed were the Couse of tears of the actual tillers of the soil. The exploitation continued with a vengeance till India got Independence in 1947.

The leaders of independent India feel the stress on the actual cultivators and they think logically by shifting the concept of revenue administration to welfare administration. In West Bengal, the palmers were very much conscious to relieve the farmers from the extreme exploitation of Zaniaders and to ensure the food security to the farmers and ample supply of agricultural items for meeting up demands of the newly set up agri based industries in free India.

However, upto 1989 when integrated set up is respect of Land Department was constituted, the Board of Revenue with the thinking of administering of social justice to the people was parted into two wings :-
Department of Land Management Comprising Collection of revenues from minor Minerals mainly with the management of vested Land made under the preview of WBEA Act, 1953 and
Department of Settlement comprising framing of record of rights in favour of the raiyats after through field survey and vesting of ceiling surplus land from the big raiyats under the provisions of WBLR Act, 1955.

In 1989, these two parts of Board of Revenue were merged together with a new name LAND & LAND REFORMS DEPARTMENT, WEST BENGAL.


              Agricultural lands at the disposal of the Government are settled under the provisions of  sub-Section (I), (6A) , and (5) of section 49 of W.B.L.R. Act, 1955 read with sub-rule  (I) to (4) of rule 20A of W.B.L.R.Rules ,1965. Distribution of land for agricultural purpose may be made to a person whose family hold no land or land less than one Acres . The maximum limit of distribution is one Acres taking into account including his own land and half of the land cultivated by him, as bargadar. For the purpose of the homestead, land may be settled to a person who has no homestead land and it does not exceed to 0.08 acres.

            For the purpose of distribution a pre-distribution  survey is made by the Revenue Officer/ Revenue Inspector with members of local panchayet samity and a priority list is prepared. A board constituted as Bon-O-Bhumi Sanskar Sthayee Samity at Block level make a recommendation specifying the the persons to whom the land is to the distributed . The B.L & L.R.Os framed case record on the recommendation of the said body and after approval of the concerned Sub-Divisional Officer pattas are prepared and distributed to the land less persons by organising patta  distribution camp and delivery of possession is being made according. At present join patta for both husband and wife are mandatory.

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