Assistant Director of Fisheries, Meen Bhavan, Suri, Birbhum

Brief Description of activities performed: Birbhum is a district of semi potential character in respect of Fisheries point of view. The Western and Northern portion of ;the district falls in the laterite zone and soils full of stones and gravels and the rest portion are alluvial in neture. The Blocks like Nalhati-I, Rampurhat-I,Murarai-I, Md. Bazar, Rajnagar, Khayrasole etc. where soils are unproductive in nature. The rest are semi potential in nature. Soils here are a little acidic, average rainfall of the district is few inadequate. As such many tanks and ponds are seasonal in nature and culture are being done for 5to 6months.

Nevertheless, this district has vast water resources , like tanks, reservoirs, beels, rivers etc. Aquaculture is done by the fish farmers in tanks to manage their livelihood. Though there are five nos of reservoirs like Tilpara, Deucha, Baidhara, Hinglow and Bakreswar Dam which are mainly used for Irrigation purpose not for Fisheries. Yet Fingerlings are liberated by Fisheries Deptt. in every year through Social Fisheries Scheme in these reservoirs. Aquaculture in the district creates a huge number of working days to the landless labourers specially to the fishermen.

This district has 13 (thirteen) nos. of private I.M.C. Hatcheries .They are producing spawn and supply the same to the fish farmers or the local areas. Yet there are crisis of spawn. About 65% demand is met up through Hatchery and 35% hatchery bred as well as revering seed are brought from neighboring districts.

Fish farmers of the district get training on improved methodology and conducting scientific fish culture in their ponds owned or leased. So demand of fish seed growing gradually. But this district has no fish feed plant to meet up the demand of the fish farmers. This may be met up through installation of fish feed plant .

A large number of schemes are now being implemented in the district as well as all along the state like departmental Scheme, FFDA, STCP, RKVY, NMPS , Social Fishery etc for adequate fish production as well as to improve the economic condition of fish farmers. Nevertheless, there are huge place left out. Better infrastructural facilities, better communication, installation of more nos. of hatcheries, more training facilities , more financial support are still necessary for achieving the target to improve the economic condition of the poor fish farmers of the district.

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