Tarapith Rampurhat Development Authority

Tarapith-Rampurhat Development Authority has appointed Garbage Cleaning Agency since its inception (2015) to collect garbage from the hotels, lodges, guest houses and shops situated at the periphery of the Maa Tara Temple and both sides of Dwarka River. Authority is strictly supervising the work of the Garbage Cleaning Agency and it is functioning well and good to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the Tarapith area.

It was discussed in one GBM of TRDA that boulder fitting can be done along the two banks of the Dwarka River. It will not only enhance the beauty of the river banks but also protect the banks from flood and other casualties. It was also discussed that TRDA will send a proposal for boulder fitting work in future to the UD & MA department or any other department.

TRDA is also organising awareness campaign in markets and the areas adjacent to the Maa Tara Temple about the adverse effect of plastic pollution. Authority is also trying to increase social awareness about plastic pollution among the pilgrims and visitors coming to Tarapith to visit Maa Tara Temple. The Agency has also been instructed in this regard for overall monitoring. TRDA is expecting to make the area of 2 kms. radius around Tarapith Temple as plastic free zone within April 2022.

A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) were established by TRDA near Tarapith Samsan beside Dwarka River, Tarapith, Birbhum. These plants were setup after getting approval from Urban Development & Municipal Affairs department and West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) respectively. Due to lack of fund, Authority was unable to make the plants operational, but recently Authority has received funds from UD & MA department to meet up the yearly maintenance cost for the plants. So now the plants will be made operational very soon. As the plants were not active for a long period of time, some technical difficulties arose with the STP plant whereas the ETP plant is in well and good condition and is functioning flawlessly. Authority visited the plants and resolved the technical issues with the STP plant. Authority is now hopeful about the commencement of operation of both the plants within 1st week of August-2021.

The construction of the solar community kitchen in the basement of the Maa Tara Temple was completed to make the “Bhog Ghar” pollution free. Due to a small technical problem in the kitchen apparatus, it was not functioning but after communicating with the work agency, technician visited the kitchen and resolved the problem. Now the solar kitchen has been handed over to Mandir Committee (Tara Mata Sebayeet Sangha) for future use and maintenance.

TRDA had been searching for a vacant land suitable for dumping and for this purpose Authority visited a big vacant ground at Radipur village so that the dumping can be done there for many years in future. But there was a problem with the local tribal people and they were not agreeing for dumping garbage there. The matter was discussed in the 21st GBM of TRDA and it was decided that garbage dumping will be done in a vacant vested land near Tarapith. PHE is already using a portion of vested land of 5 Acre there and it was suggested that TRDA may use a portion of the land beside that land for garbage dumping.

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Tarapith Rampurhat Development Authority (TRDA)
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