National Highway Division No.-XII, P.W.(Roads) Directorate

About the Department and its activities:

PWD is one of the prestigious departments under the control of Government of West Bengal. There are three directorates in the department namely Public Works Directorate, Public Works (Roads) Directorate and Public Works Construction Board Directorate which are presently charged with the planning, survey, design, construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Buildings throughout the state as well as having various responsibilities for emergency and relief activities.

The National Highway Wing of P.W.(Roads) Directorate formed for construction and maintenance of different National Highway within the state of West Bengal. The funding for different maintenance and construction work of the National Highways has been done by the MORT&H, Government of West Bengal. This wing mainly deals with the (i) Construction, maintains, & operation of National Highways (ii) Upgradation of National Highway from two lane to four Lane or four lane to six lane (ii) Construction of ROB over different Railway Level crossing of National Highway within the state of West Bengal.

Scheme offered by the department with key features:

Running Scheme in the district of Birbhum:

Strengthening of NH-60 From Km. 320.00 (Dubrajpur) to Km. 330.00 (Kachujore).
Improvement of NH-60 From Km. 330.00 (Kachujore) to Km.374.00 (Mallarpur).
Construction of R.O.B in place of level crossing no. 21/SPL/E from Km. 337.703 to Km. 339.046 of NH-60 at Abdarpur , Suri.
Stage Strengthening of NH-60 From Km.374.00 (Mallarpur) to Km. 401.00 (Nalhati)
Construction of R.O.B in place of level crossing no. 10/B/T from Km. 306.302 to Km.307.930 of NH-60 at Bhimgarh.
Detailed project report Strengthening of NH-60 from Km. 401.00 to Km. 422.450 (Nalhati to Moregram) of NH-60.
Detailed project report for four lanning of Dubrajpur Bypass
Detailed project report Establishment of NH-2B in the district of Birbhum from 48.00 Km (Bolpur ) to 105.00 Km (Mallarpur )
Detailed project report 4-Lanning of NH-60 from Dubrajpur to Moregram in the district under ‘Bharat Mala Poriyajona’
Detailed project report Establishment of NH-114A from 0.00 km (Monsuba more) to 13.635.00 km (surichura Jharkhand border )
Completed Projects:-
Construction of PSC Girder Bridge over river SAL & river Hinglow in place of damaged vented cause ways at km. 314.330 & km. 309.800 of NH-60 in the State of West Bengal in the district of Birbhum.
Stage strengthening of existing pavement from 46.00 Kmp to 49.00 Kmp of NH-2B
Repair and Rehabilitation of 9 nos. of distressed bridges along NH-60.
Along NH-60 there are Eleven Numbers of Old Bridges .The condition of 9 number of bridge was very bad. Accordingly the project has been framed to Repair and Rehabilitation of these damaged bridge i.e. Brakeswar Bridge at Km. 324.00, Tilpara Right Canal Bridge at Km. 344.00, Tilpara Barrage Bridge at Km. 345.00, Khairakuri Bridge at Km. 346.00, Deochcha Canal Bridge at Km. 359.451, Dwarka Barrage Bridge at Km. 359.750, Mollarpur ROB at Km. 373.800, Brahmani Bridge at Km. 400.00 & Gambhira Bridge at Km. 420.00. Among these rehabilitation of 8 nos bridge except Dwarka Barrage bridge has been completed.