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District Magistrate & Collector, Birbhum

Memo No: 365(16)/MV
Dated : 11/07/2024
Mayurakshi Bridge Restriction Notification

11/07/2024 12/08/2024 View (770 KB)
Chairman of Ad-hoc Committee of Govt Model Schools & SDO Suri Sadar, Birbhum

Memo No: 603/S
Date : 25/06/2024
Recruitment Notice

25/06/2024 23/07/2024 View (1 MB)
PO-Cum-DWO, BCW & TD, Birbhum

Memo No: 1194/BCWTD/Birb
Date : 06/06/2024
Publication of Notice along with application form regarding admission of Post-Matric students (ST Girls / SC Boys) in three Central Hostels, Birbhum

11/06/2024 13/07/2024 View (582 KB) Application Form for Central Hostel for ST Girls (815 KB) Application Form for Babu Jagjiban Ram Chhatrabas for SC Boys (771 KB)
Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

Memo No: 291 Estt/IT/P/88/2003(Vol-III) (Part-I)
Information Security auditing related Advisory for Government Organizations-regarding

14/03/2024 30/09/2024 View (2 MB)
OIC, PB & EDC Cell, Birbhum

Memo No: 02/LGE 24/PB&EDC Cell
Dated : 19/03/2024
Publication of Form-12D i.c.w, Parliamentary General Election-2024

19/03/2024 18/08/2024 View (925 KB)
District Election Officer and District Magistrate, Birbhum

Memo No: 392/Elec
Dated: 20/03/2024
Publication of Final List of Polling Stations in connection with PGE 2024

20/03/2024 31/07/2024 View (417 KB) 284_Final PS List_Bengali (5 MB) 284_Final PS List_English (4 MB) 285_Final PS List_Bengali (6 MB) 285_Final PS List_English (9 MB) 286_Final PS List_Bengali (4 MB) 286_Final PS List_English (8 MB) 287_Final PS List_Bengali (5 MB) 287_Final PS List_English (9 MB) 288_Final PS List_Bengali (9 MB) 288_Final PS List_English (7 MB) 289_Final PS List_Bengali (7 MB) 289_Final PS List_English (9 MB) 290_Final PS List_Bengali (6 MB) 290_Final PS List_English (5 MB) 291_Final PS List_Bengali (5 MB) 291_Final PS List_English (9 MB) 292_Final PS List_Bengali (9 MB) 292_Final PS List_English (7 MB) 293_Final PS List_Bengali (5 MB) 293_Final PS List_English (8 MB) 294_Final PS List_Bengali (5 MB) 294_Final PS List_English (9 MB)
District Election Officer and District Magistrate, Birbhum

Memo No: 284(23)/Elec
Dated: 05/03/2024
Publication of draft list of Polling Stations in connection with PGE 2024

05/03/2024 04/09/2024 View (620 KB) 284-Dubrajpur(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (3 MB) 284-Dubrajpur(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (3 MB) 285-Suri AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (4 MB) 285-Suri AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (4 MB) 286-Bolpur AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (7 MB) 286-Bolpur AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (2 MB) 287-Nanoor(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (8 MB) 287-Nanoor(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (8 MB) 288-Labpur AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (7 MB) 288-Labpur AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (7 MB) 289-Sainthia(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (4 MB) 289-Sainthia(SC) AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (6 MB) 290-Mayureswar AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (9 MB) 290-Mayureswar AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (3 MB) 291-Rampurhat AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (6 MB) 291-Rampurhat AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (9 MB) 292-Hansan AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (4 MB) 292-Hansan AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (4 MB) 293-Nalhati AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (4 MB) 293-Nalhati AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (4 MB) 294-Murarai AC_ANNEXURE-I_(Bengali) (4 MB) 294-Murarai AC_ANNEXURE-I_(English) (4 MB)