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PO-Cum-DWO, BCW & TD, Birbhum

Memo No: 210/BCWTD/Birb
Date : 30/01/2023
Notice in connection with Thakur Harichand Guruchand Award, 2022–23

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30/01/2023 23/02/2023 View (367 KB)
District Magistrate, Birbhum

Memo No: M&M/455/DL&LRO(B)/2023
Dated : 27/01/2023
Approved District Survey Report of Birbhum District

Survey Report

27/01/2023 30/06/2023 View (283 KB)
District Magistrate & Collector, Birbhum

Memo No: 40(18)/MV
Dated : 13/01/2023
Notification on partial restriction of traffic on Nalhati to Moregram road (NH-14)

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District Magistrate & District Panchayat Election Officer, Birbhum

Memo No: 85/Panch.Elec.
Dated : 30/12/2022
Wide Publicity of Final Order showing the Reservation of Office Bearers for the 167 Gram Panchayats & 19 Panchayat Samitis in Form 1B & for the Zilla Parishad in Form 1D for the ensuing PGE 2023

30/12/2022 30/06/2023 View (459 KB) Form-1B Sabhapati (410 KB) Form-1B Saha-Sabhapati (389 KB) Form-1B Prodhan (2 MB) Form-1B Upa-Pradhan (723 KB)
District Magistrate & District Panchayat Election Officer, Birbhum

Memo No: 48/Panch.Elec.
Dated : 25/11/2022
Wide publicity of final order showing the Delimitation of Constituencies and Reservation of Seats for the 167 Gram Panchayats in Form A1,for the 19 Panchayat Samitis in Form B1 for the Zila Parishad for the ensuring Panchayat General Election, 2023 – Regarding

25/11/2022 30/06/2023 View (420 KB) Bolpur Sriniketan Form A1 (5 MB) Bolpur Sriniketan Form B1 (707 KB) Dubrajpur Form A1 (4 MB) Dubrajpur Form B1 (545 KB) Illambazar Form A1 (4 MB) Illambazar Form B1 (683 KB) Khoyrasole Form A1 (5 MB) Khoyrasole Form B1 (543 KB) Labpur Form A1 (5 MB) Labpur Form B1 (690 KB) Mayuresawar-I Form A1 (5 MB) Mayuresawar-I Form B1 (703 KB) Mayureswar-II Form A1 (4 MB) Mayureswar-II Form B1 (438 KB) Md Bazar Form A1 (5 MB) Md Bazar Form B1 (621 KB) Murarai-I Form A1 (5 MB) Murarai-I Form B1 (469 KB) Murarai-II Form A1 (6 MB) Murarai-II Form B1 (754 KB) Nalhati-I Form A1 (6 MB) Nalhati-I Form B1 (701 KB) Nalhati-II Form A1 (4 MB) Nalhati-II Form B1 (442 KB) Nanoor Form A1 (7 MB) Nanoor Form B1 (747 KB) Rajnagar Form A1 (2 MB) Rajnagar Form B1 (498 KB) Rampurhat-I Form-A1 (5 MB) Rampurhat-I Form B1 (726 KB) Rampurhat-II Form A1 (5 MB) Rampurhat-II Form B1 (696 KB) Sainthia Form A1 (6 MB) Sainthia Form B1 (733 KB) Suri 1 Form A1 (3 MB) Suri 1 Form B1 (532 KB) Suri-II Form A1 (3 MB) Suri-II Form B1 (497 KB)
District Magistrate Birbhum

Memo no: 5602/M & M/DL &LRO(B)/2022
Date : 07/11/2022
Report on assessment of damage to the Environment and ecology in stone mining area in Birbhum District submitted by the Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi under ICFRE before the Hon’ble NGT, Eastern Zone in connection with O.A. No. 127/2015/EZ in the matter of Ramchandra Mardi & Ors. Vs.-the W.B.P.C.B & Ors.

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OIC, IT & e-GOV Section, Birbhum

Memo No: 259/1(6)/I/15(Pt-2)/IT
Date : 01/11/2022
Gazatte Notification in respect of idenfied services of WBEIDC Ltd under BRAP 2022 with stipulated timeline under WBRTPS Act 2013

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District Magistrate & District Panchayat Election Officer, Birbhum

Memo No: 08/Panch.Elec.
Dated : 19/10/2022
Publication of Draft Order showing of Delimitation of Constituencies and Reservations of seats for the 167 Gram Panchayats in Form A,for the 19 Panchayat Samitis in Form B for the Zila Parishad Vide No.2647-SEC/1D-241/2022, Dated 19/10/2022 of the W.B, State Election Commission for the ensuring Panchayat General Election, 2023

Bolpur-Sriniketan Form A
Bolpur-Sriniketan Form B
Dubrajpur Form A
Dubrajpur Form B
Illambazar Form A
Illambazar Form B
Khoyrasole Form A
Khoyrasole Form B
Labpur Form A
Labpur Form B
Mayureswar-I Form A
Mayureswar-I Form B
Mayureswar-II Form A
Mayureswar-II Form B
Md.Bazar Form A
Md.Bazar Form B
Murarai-I Form A
Murarai-I Form B
Murarai-II Form A
Murarai-II Form B
Nalhati-I Form A
Nalhati-I Form B
Nalhati-II Form A
Nalhati-II Form B
Nanoor Form A
Nanoor Form B
Rajnagar Form A
Rajnagar Form B
Rampurhat-I Form A
Rampurhat-I Form B
Rampurhat-II Form A
Rampurhat-II Form B
Sainthia Form A
Sainthia Form B
Suri-I Form A
Suri-I Form B
Suri-II Form A
Suri-II Form B



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PO-Cum-DWO, BCW & TD, Birbhum

Memo No: 2115/BCWTD/Birb
Date : 20/09/2022
Blacklisting of Agency M.S ZEBA

20/09/2022 31/03/2023 View (279 KB)
Additional District Magistrate (Election), Birbhum

Memo No: 1051/Elec
Dated : 29/07/2022
Guidelines and modified Forms for registration of Electors in terms of Election Laws (Amendment), 2021 by Ministry of Law and Justice

01/08/2022 28/02/2023 View (1 MB) Form-6_Bengali (1) (1 MB) Form-6_English (1) (3 MB) Form-6b_Bengali (1) (411 KB) Form-6b_English (1) (789 KB) Form-7_Bengali (1) (778 KB) Form-7_English (1) (2 MB) Form-8_Bengali (1) (1,022 KB) Form-8_English (1) (2 MB)