Bakreswar Temple

The word Bakreswar comes from the name of Shiva worshiped locally. Curved means curved or curved. Legend has it that during the marriage ceremony of Lakshmi and Narayana, Ashtabakra Muni (then known as Subrata Muni) was insulted by Indra in the Satya Yuga. Muni was so enraged that he developed 6 cripples in his body (Ashtabakra Muni means 6 crooked crippled sages). Ashtavakra Muni was blessed by Lord Shiva after doing tapasya (meditation) here for many years. The place is also famous as one of the 51 Shakti Piths, where there is a temple dedicated to the original Shakti. It is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus.