Minority Development Finance Corporation Cell

Birbhum is one of the important districts of “RARH-REGION” in West Bengal where one-third of the total population of this district belongs to Minority Communities. The Department of Minorities’ Development & Welfare, Government of West Bengal constituted a District Level Committee for Minorities’ Welfare in ten Minority Concentrated District. Birbhum is one of them.

            West Bengal Minorities’ Development & Finance Corporation has no infrastructure in the district and hence the District Level Committee has entrusted with function of screening, monitoring and evaluation of Self-Employment Program of the West Bengal i.e. Term Loan Scheme, Cluster Loan Scheme, Micro Credit Loan Scheme, Gas Oven Micro-credit Scheme etc. and Vocational Training Program, Stipend for Meritorious Muslim students & Maulana Azad National Scholarship Scheme for Meritorious Girl students belonging to Minorities implemented by corporation.

            We like to say that the performance of this district is much better than other districts and continues to be also encouraging to the other backward section of the notified minorities i.e. Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Parsees with a view to promoting income generating activities amongst the un-employed youths of the target group for their economic upliftment.

             The schemes have been widely spread all over the district and the consistent perseverance on the part of the district level committee as well as the grass root level workers including the Recovery Agents and Panchayat functionaries have been encouraging the people belonging to minority communities to come forward for availment of the benefit extended by the corporation. They have been developing their skill in various activities and taking every effort to stand on their own feet subscribing to loan installment almost regularly. They do not appear to have diverted the fund from the selected one. As the beneficiaries have every confidence on the selection as made by the head office of the corporation on the basis of the recommendation of the District Level Committee. This program is getting popularity day by day amongst the people belonging to Minorities.

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West Bengal Minorities’ Development & Finance Corporation
Bhabani Bhavan, Alipore, 2nd Floor(West), Kolkata-700027
Phone No. 033-24792893/2998 
Fax No.033-24792995
E-Mail: wbmdfc[at]wb[dot]nic[dot]in
O/C Minority and District Manager,
SC & ST Finance Corporation,
Prashasan Bhawan (2nd Floor)
Suri, Birbhum